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Academic Tests in Cadet Colleges

The cadet college entry test is a competitive exam that students must pass to gain admission to one of Pakistan’s prestigious cadet colleges. The test covers a wide range of subjects, including Intelligence Tests, English, Mathematics, Urdu, General science, Islamic Studies and Pakistan studies.

If you are preparing for the cadet college entry test, you need access to high-quality practice materials. This is where our website comes in. We offer a comprehensive collection of free practice academic tests, test patterns, syllabus, and past papers to help you prepare for the exam.

Our practice academic tests are designed to simulate the real cadet college entry test. They cover all of the topics that are tested on the exam, and they are updated regularly to reflect the latest changes to the test format. In addition to practice of academic tests, we also provide a detailed test pattern and syllabus. This will help you understand the format of the exam and the topics that you need to focus on.

Finally, we also offer a collection of past papers. This is a great way to get a feel for the types of questions that are asked on the exam and to practice your time management skills. So if you are serious about getting into a cadet college, start preparing today with our free practice tests, test patterns, syllabus, and past papers.

Academic Tests Syllabus and Past Papers of Cadet Colleges

If you want to know about admission requirements, fee detail, admission date, subjects of entry tests, past papers, selection procedure, free online tests, notes in pdf or contact information then you can find here all information about cadet colleges of Pakistan.

Cadet Colleges of Punjab

S.NoName of Cadet CollegeSyllabus
1.Cadet College Chakwal AdmissionDownload
2.Cadet College Hasan Abdal AdmissionDownload
3.Cadet College Jhang AdmissionDownload
4.Cadet College Fate Jang AdmissionDownload
5.Cadet College Esa Khel AdmissionDownload
6.Cadet College Sialkot AdmissionDownload
7.PAF Cadet College Lower Topa AdmissionDownload
8.Cadet College Okara AdmissionDownload
9.Cadet College Choa Saiden Shah AdmissionDownload
10.Military Cadet College Jhelum AdmissionDownload
11.Cadet College Lahore AdmissionDownload
12.Kings Cadet College Gujrat AdmissionDownload
13.Cadet College Bhurban AdmissionDownload
14.Cadet College Ghazi Barotha AdmissionDownload
15.Cadet College Khushab AdmissionDownload
16.Cadet College Faisalabad AdmissionDownload
17.Cadet College Kalar Kahar AdmissionDownload
18.Cadet College Jehlum AdmissionDownload
19.Cadet College Sargodha AdmissionDownload
20.Cadet College Rawalpindi AdmissionDownload
21.Cadet College Khanpur AdmissionDownload
22.Cadet College Ghora Gali Murree AdmissionDownload
23.Cadet College Pasrur AdmissionDownload
24.Cadet College Kasur AdmissionDownload
25.Ranger Cadet College Chakri AdmissionDownload
26.Cadet College Fort Munro AdmissionDownload
27.Cadet College Humak, Islamabad AdmissionDownload

Cadet Colleges of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

S.NoName of Cadet CollegeSyllabus
1.Girls Cadet College Mardan AdmissionDownload
2.Cadet College Spinkai AdmissionDownload
3.Garrison Cadet College Kohat AdmissionDownload
4.Pakistan Scouts Cadet College Batrasi AdmissionDownload
5.Karnal Sher Khan Cadet College Swabi AdmissionDownload
6.Cadet College Mamad Gat Mohmand AdmissionDownload
7.Cadet College Razmak AdmissionDownload
8.Cadet College Swat AdmissionDownload
9.Cadet College Kohat AdmissionDownload
10.Frontier Scout Cadet College Warsak AdmissionDownload
11.Cadet College Wana AdmissionDownload
12.Cadet College Manjanbazam AdmissionDownload
13.WAPDA Cadet College Tarbela AdmissionDownload
14.SIES Cadet College Kakul Abbottabad AdmissionDownload

Cadet Colleges of Sindh

S.NoName of Cadet CollegeSyllabus
1.Cadet College Petaro AdmissionDownload
2.Cadet College Ghotki AdmissionDownload
3.Cadet College Karachi AdmissionDownload
4.Bakhtawar Cadet College for Girls AdmissionDownload
5.Pakistan Steel Cadet College Karachi AdmissionDownload
6.Cadet College Sanghar AdmissionDownload
7.Cadet College Larkana for Boys AdmissionDownload
8.Cadet College Larkana for Girls AdmissionDownload
9.Cadet College Panu Aqil AdmissionDownload
10.Baqai Cadet College Karachi AdmissionDownload

Cadet Colleges of Baluchistan

S.NoName of Cadet CollegeSyllabus
1.Cadet College Ormara AdmissionDownload
2.Cadet College Killa Saifullah AdmissionDownload
3.Cadet College Jaffarabad AdmissionDownload
4.Cadet College Pishin AdmissionDownload
5.Cadet College Kohlu AdmissionDownload
6.Cadet College Zhob AdmissionDownload
7.Cadet College Mastung AdmissionDownload
8.Cadet College Sui AdmissionDownload
9.Girls Cadet College Turbat AdmissionDownload
10.Cadet College Panjgur AdmissionDownload
11.Baluchistan Residential College LoralaiDownload

Cadet Colleges of Azad Kashmir

S.NoName of Cadet CollegeSyllabus
1.Cadet College Palandri AdmissionDownload
2.Cadet College Muzaffarabad AdmissionDownload

Cadet Colleges of Gilgit Baltistan

S.NoName of Cadet CollegeSyllabus
1.Cadet College Chilas AdmissionDownload
2.Cadet College Sakardu AdmissionDownload

Academic Tests Online Free Entry Test Practice of Cadet Colleges

If you want to prepare free online preparation of academic tests for admission of cadet colleges in Pakistan then following tests are purely based on the initial academic tests of Cadet Colleges admission entry tests preparation which will help you about preparation of cadet colleges entry test success.

Online Academic Tests Pattern of Cadet Colleges

  1. Intelligence Test (Total Questions: 100, Total Time: 40 Min, Passing Marks: 50%)
  2. English Test (Total Questions: 30, Total Time: 30 Min, Passing Marks: 50%)
  3. Mathematics Test (Total Questions: 25, Total Time: 25 Min, Passing Marks: 50%)
  4. General Science Test (Total Questions: 15, Total Time: 15 Min, Passing Marks: 50%)
  5. Urdu Test (Total Questions: 25, Total Time: 25 Min, Passing Marks: 50%)

Syllabus for Online Academic Tests of Cadet Colleges in Pakistan

If you want to prepare admission entry test of cadet colleges which are being taken online at examination centers of cadet colleges then prepare your subjects as per following syllabus of the subjects.

  1. Intelligence Test (Intelligence test in academic tests includes two parts; 1. Verbal intelligence Tests in which series questions, coding, spelling mistakes, addition, multiplication, category questions, and odd one out included, 2. Non-Verbal Intelligence test, in which you will see pictures which are again having two types, simple and pattern type regarding analogies and choosing correct option from the given answers)
  2. English Test (Part of Speech, Recognition of Words as per part of speech from the sentences, use of articles, Use of preposition, synonyms, antonyms, singular, plural, idioms, active & passive voice, direct & indirect, and tense)
  3. Maths Test (Academic tests of Maths includes; Basic Sets, Algebra, and basic Operation type questions)
  4. General Science (Academic tests of General Science includes; Basic concepts of Item, Chapter of Light, basic daily life things formulas like Sugar, Salt, Surf etc)
  5. Urdu Test (Academic tests of Urdu includes; includes Singular, Plural, Antonyms, Synonyms, Word Meanings, Sentence correction, and Grammar terms)

Note: In Case of other academic tests subjects like Islamic Studies, Pak Studies see the basics questions of 6th, 7th and 8th class book. Thanks

Free Online Practice Tests for Cadet Colleges

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Academic Tests Notes in PDF for Cadet College Entry Tests

  1. English
    • 50 Ways of Avoiding use of “Very” PDF Free (Download)
    • 100 Examples of Uncountable Nouns PDF Free (Download)
    • 120 Examples of Compound Nouns PDF Free (Download)
    • 7th Grade English Book PDF Free for Cadet Colleges (Download)
    • List of Masculine and Feminine for 8th Class of Cadet Colleges (Download)
    • English Proverbs with meaning for Cadet College Tests PDF (Download)
    • List of Common English Words Meanings Free PDF (Download)
    • English Grammar Active Voice and Passive Voice Examples PDF (Download)
    • List of Antonyms Words in English PDF Free (Download)
    • List of Antonyms in English Free PDF for Cadet Colleges (Download)
    • Basic English Antonyms Free PDF for Cadet Colleges (Download)
    • English Comprehension and Questions PDF (Download)
    • Basic Concepts of Direct and Indirect Sentences in Grammar (Download)
    • List of 3 Forms of Verbs in English Free PDF (Download)
    • Famous Types of Verb Forms in English PDF (Download)
    • Most Common English Homophones PDF Free (Download)
    • Common English Idioms for Cadet Colleges Tests PDF (Download)
    • Different Types of English Letters for Cadet College Tests PDF (Download)
    • English Singular and Plural Words for Entry Tests Free PDF (Download)
    • English Translations from English to Urdu Free PDF (Download)
    • Pair of Words English Grammar PDF Free (Download)
    • List of Pair Words in English Free PDF (Download)
    • English Pair of Words List for Cadet College Entry Tests Free PDF (Download)
  2. Mathematics
    • Maths MCQs with Answers for Cadet College Entry Tests PDF (Download)
    • Important Maths Questions for Cadet College Admission Tests PDF (Download)
    • Repeated Questions of Maths in Cadet College Entry Tests Admission (Download)
  3. General Science
    • Most Repeated General Science MCQs Free PDF (Download)
    • Short Questions Answers of General Science for Cadet Colleges PDF (Download)
    • General Science MCQs for Cadet Colleges Tests PDF Free (Download)
    • Cadet Colleges Entry Tests MCQs Free PDF (Download)
    • Non verbal and MCQs of General Science Free PDF (Download)
  4. Urdu
    • Correct Incorrect Sentences of Urdu Tests for Cadet Colleges PDF (Download)
    • Repeated Urdu Letters for Tests of Cadet Colleges PDF Free (Download)
    • Most Common Urdu Letters for Cadet College Admission Tests PDF (Download)
    • Famous Urdu Letters for Cadet Colleges Admission Entry Test Free PDF (Download)
    • Sample Urdu Applications for Cadet Colleges Tests Free PDF (Download)
    • Urdu Essay Book for Class 8 PDF Free (Download)
    • Best Urdu Essays Book for Class 8 of Cadet Colleges Tests PDF Free (Download)
    • Cadet Colleges Tests of Urdu Essays Free PDF (Download)
    • List of Common Urdu Idioms for Class 8th Admission PDF (Download)
    • List of repeated Urdu Masculine Feminine PDF Free (Download)
    • Urdu Poetry and Explanation in PDF for practice PDF (Download)
    • Repeated Urdu Proverbs for Cadet Colleges Academic Tests (Download)
    • Famous Urdu Singular Plural for Academic Tests of Cadet Colleges (Download)
    • Most Common Singular Plurals Words of Urdu in Academic tests (Download)
    • Famous Past Urdu Stories for Academic Tests of Cadet Colleges PDF (Download)
    • List of Common Words Antonyms for Cadet Colleges Tests PDF (Download)
    • Most Important Urdu Words Synonyms for Cadet College Tests PDF (Download)
    • Famous Urdu Essays and Stories for Cadet Colleges Initial Tests PDF (Download)
    • Urdu Grammar for Preparation of Cadet College Academic Tests PDF (Download)

Note: If you want to take past sample papers of any Cadet College then Click on the concerned Cadet College and see at the end of its page. For link of the college CLICK HERE.

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