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How to Pass ISSB Tests of Psychologists, GTO and Deputy?

Are you dreaming of joining the Pakistan Army, Navy, or Air Force? If so, you need to prepare for the Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB) tests. The ISSB is a grueling process that tests your physical, mental, and emotional fitness for a career in the armed forces.

If you want to pass the ISSB tests, you need to learn everything you can about the different types of tests that you will be taking. These tests include:

  • Psych Tests: These tests assess your personality, intelligence, and leadership qualities.
  • GTO Tests: These tests assess your teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  • Interview: This is your chance to show the ISSB board who you are and why you would be a good fit for the armed forces.

We can help you prepare for all of the ISSB tests. Our experienced instructors will teach you everything you need to know to succeed. We will also help you develop the skills and mindset that you need to excel in the ISSB process. If you are serious about joining the Pakistan Army, Navy, or Air Force, then you need to prepare for the ISSB tests. We can help you achieve your dream of serving your country in the armed forces.

Every student want to get ISSB test full information which is necessary for every student who want to become an officer in Pak Forces because ISSB test for medical students, ISSB test for Army, or in Navy or PAF ISSB test information is necessary to learn. Basic need is to know about your personality which can be checked through personality assessment from some authentic source or Shaheen Forces Academy.

How to Pass ISSB Tests?: A Step-by-Step Approach

Understanding to Pass ISSB Tests

Before diving into the preparation, it’s essential to understand what the ISSB tests entail. These tests evaluate your mental, physical, and psychological attributes, assessing your suitability for a career in the military. They consist of various components, including intelligence tests, interviews, physical tasks, and group discussions.

Setting the Right Mindset to Pass ISSB

Success in ISSB tests begins with the right mindset. Approach the tests with confidence, determination, and a positive attitude. Remember that the assessors are looking for candidates who exhibit leadership qualities, problem-solving skills, and adaptability. Believe in yourself and your abilities.

Comprehensive Preparation to Pass ISSB

1. Study Smart, Not Hard

Incorporate effective study techniques into your routine to pass ISSB. Focus on understanding concepts rather than rote memorization. Utilize LSI keywords in your study material headings to reinforce your understanding.

2. Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is a crucial aspect of ISSB tests. Maintain a regular exercise regimen to improve your stamina, strength, and overall fitness. Ensure you can meet the physical requirements of the military.

3. Practice Intelligence Tests

Prepare for the intelligence tests by practicing IQ questions and puzzles to pass ISSB. These tests assess your problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and cognitive abilities.

4. Develop Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are vital to pass ISSB tests. Engage in group discussions, practice public speaking, and improve your listening skills.

Test Day Strategies to Pass ISSB

5. Dress and Grooming

On the day of the test, arrive well-groomed and dressed in appropriate attire. Your appearance reflects your commitment and respect for the process.

6. Time Management

During the tests, manage your time wisely. Allocate sufficient time to each section, and don’t dwell on challenging questions. Move on and return to them later if needed.

7. Be Yourself

During interviews, be authentic and honest. Trying to be someone you’re not can backfire. Emphasize your strengths and experiences that demonstrate your suitability for the military.

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After matric there is no ISSB test or any procedure to become an officer. Minimum required qualification is intermediate (FA/ FSc) in Pakistan.

ISSB Test after FSc can be given by male or female if they are interested to join Pak Army, Pak Navy or PAF into their specific branches after clearing initial academic tests. ISSB Tests age limit for female is different as per branch in the defence forces which can be checked at

In ISSB, there are basically three main types of tests which are Psychological, GTO and Deputy. But all these tests are being taken from the candidates who qualify the basic intelligence and mechanical aptitude tests.

Students can pass ISSB tests easily if they work at their personality In-time before applying. because when candidates know about the ISSB test requirements, ISSB test criteria then he/she can prepare tests of ISSB easily.

Mostly students start preparation when they submit ISSB form at selection centers. They remain interested to find ISSB complete notes so that they may get ISSB test details fully. ISSB exam eligibility criteria is different as per forces like in three forces of Pakistan ISSB test eligibility criteria is different as per assessment at ISSB.

ISSB test centers in Pakistan are total three which are Kohat, Malir and Gujranwala. ISSB exam eligibility criteria is having 14 qualities in which candidates are to show their expertise. Although, ISSB test for PAF is little bit tough as compared to Army or Navy.

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