English Sentence Completion

Best Points for English Sentence Completion Tests

The English sentence completion test is a common component of the selection process for officer positions in the Pakistan Armed Forces.

In English Sentence completion tests, candidates are given a papers at which 26 sentences are normally printed in half line, candidates are asked to complete the sentences in 6 minutes. Purpose of the English Sentence completion tests is to assess the personality in depth.

English sentence completion test is the part of psychological assessment of the students. The test assesses a candidate’s ability to comprehend and complete English sentences, which is an essential skill for communication and leadership in a military setting.

Here are some tips on how to make an effective English sentence completion test for the ISSB, as well as some strategies for completing the test:

  1. Make the Sentences Relevant: The sentences in the completion test should be relevant to the context of the military and officer positions. They should assess the candidate’s ability to comprehend and complete sentences related to leadership, communication, and other important aspects of military life.
  2. Use a Variety of Sentence Structures: The sentences in the completion test should use a variety of structures, including simple, compound, and complex sentences. This will assess the candidate’s ability to comprehend and complete sentences of different levels of complexity.
  3. Avoid Ambiguity: The sentences in the completion test should be clear and unambiguous. Ambiguous or unclear sentences can confuse the candidate and negatively impact their performance on the test.
  4. Provide Adequate Time: Candidates should be provided with adequate time to complete the test. The completion test is timed, but the time should be sufficient to allow candidates to carefully read and comprehend the sentences and complete them accurately.

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Best Strategies for English Sentence Completion Tests

Here are some strategies for completing the English sentence completion test:

  1. Read the Sentence Carefully: The candidate should read the sentence carefully to understand the context and meaning. They should pay attention to the structure of the sentence, the tense of the verb, and other important grammatical elements.
  2. Identify the Missing Word: The candidate should identify the missing word or words in the sentence. They should consider the context of the sentence and use their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary to select the appropriate word or words to complete the sentence.
  3. Use Process of Elimination: If the candidate is unsure about the correct answer, they can use the process of elimination. They can eliminate the options that are obviously incorrect and narrow down the choices to the most likely correct answer.
  4. Be Mindful of Time: The candidate should be mindful of the time remaining and pace themselves accordingly. They should prioritize accuracy over speed, but also ensure that they complete all the sentences within the allotted time.

In conclusion, the English sentence completion test is a crucial component of the selection process for officer positions in the Pakistan Armed Forces. To make an effective test, the sentences should be relevant, use a variety of structures, avoid ambiguity, and provide adequate time.

To complete the test successfully, candidates should read the sentence carefully, identify the missing word, use the process of elimination, and be mindful of time.

Sample Solved English Sentence Completion Tests

S.NoFirst Part of SentenceSecond Part
 1.In trouble days     Trust in Allah
 2.You cannot succeed       Until you start.
 3.Way is long                     But reached safely.
 4.At midnight                     Moon was bright
 5.He did everything            And succeeded
 6.Follow the man                Who leads
 7.People of Pakistan           Are very intelligent.
 8.War and peace                  Teaches for life.
 9.During journey                  He found friendly friends.
 10.Our country                     Is an atomic power.
 11.Love your                          Country.
 12.I don’t like                        To waste time.
 13.Leader                               Always guides well.
 14.MemoriesAre remember able.
 15.Let us discuss                      The study matters.
 16.Among new folks                He feels happy.
 17.When faced hard task         He works confidently.
 18.When something happens                                                      He feels change.
 19.A humble person                 Respect everyone
 20.When sitting alone               He reads articles.
 21.If someone disturb him       He finds the reasons.
 22.I feel i am good                   In hiking.
 23.He became impatient            While sitting alone.
 24.Horrible dreams                    Give new lesson.
 25.Our feeling hurts                   When someone hurt Pakistan
 26.New ideas                              Brings innovation

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