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Best Books for Forces Initial Tests

Shaheen Forces Academy has been providing solution of all famous best books which are best books to pass the initial tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pakistan Air Force. If you are worried about the solution of Intelligence tests or academic tests then you are at right place.

These best books are very helpful for preparation of 100% results in the initial tests as well as for further achievements for getting your dreams true. These books are very helpful to clear all concepts being used in the tests of becoming officers, Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, Airwoman, AFNS, and Civilians selection in Pak Defence Forces.

Best Books to Join Pak Army, Pak Navy and PAF

Solution of all questions is available here which are best books with respect to the all initial tests of PMA, DSSC, SSC, M-Cadet, Soldiers, GDMO, GD Pilot, Air Defence, Accounts, Logistics, Operations, PN Cadet, LCC, TCC, Education, and all officers tests.

Note: Remember these books are helpful to pass the academics or initial tests. To find true characteristics get check your personality assessment where you can find the best about yourself that where you are standing or what are your qualities. Whether you may become an officer in Pak Forces or not.

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Famous and Best Books for Initial Tests of Pak Defense Forces

Recommended Books for Army, Navy and PAF Initial Tests

  • Recommended Book for PAF GD Pilot Tests (Download)
  • Dogar Publishers Books for PAF in pdf (Download)
  • Best Book for MCQs of Chemistry PDF (Download)
  • Chemistry MCQ Books Free download pdf (Download)
  • Chemistry MCQ Book for Competitive Exams pdf (Download)
  • Dogar AMC Book PDF Free (Download)
  • GDP Multiple Choice Questions Free PDF (Download)
  • Who is Who and What is What by Dogar Brothers (Download)
  • General Knowledge Book Free PDF by Ever Success (Download)
  • Super Intelligence Book by Nazam Sattar Khokhar PDF Free (Download)

Recommended Books for Competitive Exams

  • ASF Current Affairs MCQs Book pdf (Download)
  • Canal Patwari Book pdf Dogar Publishers (Download)
  • Smart Brain GAT General Book pdf (Download)
  • Best Book for FIA Test Preparation (Download)

Most Important Tests PDF

  • PAF Verbal Intelligence Tests (Download)
  • AFNS Verbal Intelligence Test Online (Download)
  • PAF Verbal Intelligence Test pdf (Download)
  • Verbal Intelligence Test AMC (Download)
  • Verbal Intelligence Test for Army Online Tests (Download)
  • Air Force Verbal intelligence Tests PDF (Download)
  • PAF Non-Verbal Intelligence Test (Download)
  • Types of Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests (Download)
  • Examples of Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests (Download)
  • Pak Navy Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests (Download)
  • Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests AMC (Download)
  • Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests AFNS (Download)
  • Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests Pak Army (Download)
  • Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests with Answers (Download)
  • Army Non-Verbal Intelligence pdf (Download)