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Tests Pattern and Tutorials of PAF Civilians Jobs

Are you looking for exciting opportunities in the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) as a civilian employee? Look no further! PAF offers a wide range of civilian jobs in various fields such as engineering, IT, administration, and medical, among others.

To make the recruitment process more accessible, PAF provides detailed information about the test pattern and syllabus for different civilian posts. With clear guidelines and a transparent process, you can prepare for the initial academic test and other selection criteria confidently.

  • Start Date of Online Registration for PAF Civilians Jobs: 18, March, 2024
  • End Date of Online Registration for PAF Civilians Jobs: 24 March, 2024

Join the PAF family as a civilian employee and serve your country with pride and honor. Keep an eye on the official PAF website for updates on civilian job openings and application procedures.

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Types of PAF Civilians Posts

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) offers a wide range of civilian job opportunities to individuals who want to contribute to the defense of their country. There are several types of civilian jobs in PAF, including medical, engineering, administration, and technical positions. These jobs are available to both males and females who meet the required qualifications and age limit criteria.

The positions range from entry-level to managerial positions, providing ample opportunities for growth and development. PAF civilian jobs are highly competitive, and applicants are selected based on their skills, knowledge, and experience.

The recruitment process includes written tests, interviews, and medical examinations to ensure that only the best candidates are selected. If you are interested in serving your country through a civilian career in PAF, then explore the different types of job opportunities and start your journey towards a fulfilling career.

AssistantLaboratory ForemanForeman and Assistant (Carpenter)
Foreman and Assistant (AFM)Foreman and Assistant (MT Fitt)Foreman and Assistant (Machinist)
Foreman and Assistant (LSET)Foreman and Assistant (Radio Fitt)Foreman and Assistant (Electric Fitt)
Nursing Sister AFNS (L)Upper Division ClerkCharge Hand For Air Frame Fitt, MT FItt, ARM Fitt, Painter, Carpenter, Radar Fitt, Electric Fitt, Radio Fitt, Welder, Metal Worker, Machinist, Instrument Fitt
Overseer (E&M)Lab ManLDC
Medical AssistantGround Signaler OperatorHS-II (Photo film Maker/Developer)
HS-II (Machine Operator, Compositor)Ground Signaler OperatorStoreman
STM TechnicianKhateeb Masjid

Detail of the above PAF Civilians Jobs with their required test patterns are given below;

Types of TestPaperTotal QuestionsTotal TimePass %age
Intelligence TestsVerbal Intelligence 2510 Min50%
Non-Verbal Intelligence7525 Min50%
Academic TestEnglish 5020 Min50%
Personality10040 Min50%
paf civilians

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Test Pattern of Other Posts in PAF Civilians Jobs

In PAF Civilians jobs of the following, only interview is being conducted at the concerned Selection Center.

  • MTD
  • Cook
  • Midwife
  • Male Nurse
  • Anti-Malaria Supervisor
  • STM (Book Binder)
  • Khadim-e-Masjid

Opportunities for Civilians

There are many opportunities for PAF civilians, including employment in various fields such as administration, engineering, medical, and education. The organization also offers scholarships to civilians for higher education in various fields related to aviation, engineering, and medicine.

Benefits of Joining the PAF

Joining as PAF civilians comes with numerous benefits, including job security, competitive salaries, health insurance, and retirement benefits. Additionally, the PAF provides excellent training and career development opportunities, allowing individuals to excel in their respective fields.

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If you have done at least matriculation then you can apply in different posts of PAF jobs. Even if someone have middle passed, they can also apply for Cook Post, Sanitary worker etc. PAF civilians jobs come once in a year through advertisement at social media and everybody can apply through online or by submitting forms directly at selection center.

Every PAF civilian has this facility to get avail medical free treatment of himself and family also. They are normally be given pension and commutation at the end of the service. PAF civilians can get retirement after 25 years of service or at the age of 60 years.

Salary range of PAF civilians is same as there is package in the Pak Navy or Pak Navy. Normally salary package starts from 30K+ when they get enrolled. Then with the passage of time salary increases at annual base.

In PAF, working schedule of Civilians is same as the airman or other uniform persons have. Civilians have this advantage that in some sections, they can do overtime which is being added into their salary at the end of the month.

In PAF, work environment is very friendly and everybody try to make other fully groomed and skilled related to their profession. In PAF, everybody like to work as a team member, and this is the main reason that PAF is very efficient and skilled.

When civilians get job, then they are being sent at particular training bases for their initial OJT (On the Job Training) so that they may equip themselves more professional. After training, they start performing in an efficient manner and they become fully trained at the bases.

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