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Welcome to PAF GDP Test Preparation guidelines for syllabus, test pattern and passing marks for Air Force Pilot Jobs. Applicants who applied for the GDP course are required to take a computer-based online test. Three different test types must be taken. The test pattern in its entirety is provided below.

Here, we’ll give you the PAF GD Fighter Pilot & Navigator Test Syllabus and PAF GDP Test Pattern. Here, we go into great detail regarding the PAF Online Test for General Duty Pilot. We advise studying in accordance with the GDP Test Syllabus and the PAF Test pattern if you want to get 100% pass result in the initial tests.

You need to read the entire post to get the full test guide. A practice test is provided online at the end of this essay. Attempt to take every test. In order to pass the PAF GD Pilot Test, a candidate must receive a score of at least 80%.

Online Registration Dates to Apply for General Duty Pilot

Start Online Registration Date of GD (P)06 April, 2024
Last Date of GD(P) Online Registration 13 April, 2024
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Eligibility Criteria for GD Pilot and GD Pilot (Navigator) in PAF

If you aspire to become a General Duty Pilot or GD Pilot (Navigator), it’s important to understand the eligibility criteria set by the PAF. We are giving you the detail about the eligibility criteria for aspiring General Duty Pilots in the Pakistan Air Force.

To qualify for the position of a General Duty Pilot in the PAF or GD Pilot (Navigator), candidates must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Nationality: Only Pakistani citizens are eligible to apply for the General Duty Pilot position.
  • Gender: Both male and female candidates can apply. (There is Permanent commission for Males and Short Service Commission for Females.)
  • Age: Candidates must be between 16 and 22 years of age. However, for candidates with exceptional qualifications or experience, the upper age limit may be relaxed up to 24 years.
  • Vision: 6/6 in Each Eye (Without Glasses)
  • Height: For Male (5′ 4″) and For Female (5′ 4″)
  • Marital Status: Only unmarried candidates are eligible to apply for the General Duty Pilot position.
  • Educational Qualifications: Candidates must have completed their Intermediate (FSc Pre-Engineering/ Pre-Medical/ Computer Science), A-Level with Physics, Math and Biology or equivalent with a minimum of 60% marks.

In addition to the above criteria of GD Pilot, candidates must meet specific physical and medical standards to ensure they are fit to undertake the demanding tasks of a General Duty Pilot. These standards include visual acuity, height, weight, and overall physical fitness. The PAF conducts thorough medical examinations to assess the candidates’ physical and mental health.

Training period for general Duty Pilot is 3 years at PAF Academy, Risalpur. After completion of training, PAF officers are given with degree of Aviation Science & Management from Air University Islamabad.

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PAF Jobs 2024
GD Pilot

Candidates are advised to visit the official Pakistan Air Force website for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the eligibility criteria for the GD Pilot position. The PAF may revise the eligibility criteria periodically, and it is important to stay informed about any changes.

It is worth mentioning that the competition for the GD Pilot position is intense, given the high demand and limited vacancies. Therefore, aspiring candidates should strive to meet and exceed the minimum eligibility criteria to enhance their chances of being selected.

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This is best opportunity to join Pakistan Air Force as GD Pilot.

Test Pattern of GD Pilot Tests

GD Pilot stands for General Duty Pilot in Pakistan Air Force. The GD Pilot Test pattern is comparable to other PAF Test patterns. The GD(P) test syllabus is the only thing that differs. Vision requirements for pilots is 6/6.

Here is the pattern of PAF General Duty Pilot (GDP) Test.

  1. Intelligence Tests
  2. Academic Test

A candidate has to attempt the above mentioned test portions step by step as per the following details which are the general fighter pilot requirements;

Detail of PAF Initial Test Pattern of GD Pilot

Type of TestTotal MCQsTotal Time Passing %age
Intelligence Test10040 Min60%
English Test5020 Min60%
Physics Test2520 Min60%

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PAF Initial Test For GD pilot is based on the given above pattern. A candidate must have to pass all three stages of the test. If he fails at any stage then he will not be able to attempt further tests.

If the student fails to pass the intelligence test then he/she can not proceed further. Candidates proceed on to the next test on passing first one otherwise there is no chance to start again and the Commuter screen shows a message as;

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Better Luck Next Time

Note:- It is necessary for GDP Initial Test that a candidate must have basic knowledge of computer use.

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PAF GD Pilot Initial Test Questions

Students are to mark their answers at computer as per given ID through online registration slip. General questions are multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Each Question has 3-5 options in which candidate is to choose the right one. They can skip questions to attempt later or can mark to solve at the later.

At a time, only one question appears on a computer screen and they have to tick at the right option. After choosing the right option click on the “Next Button” as given below on the computer screen. Students can choose the sequence of solving questions at their own wish, rather from 1 to 100 or 100 to 1.

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Test Syllabus of GD Pilot

The syllabus of GD (P) Test is almost similar to the other tests of Pakistan Air Force. The difference is only in the academic tests as per requirements of the branch. In this Test, A candidate has also to prepare an Intelligence Tests as well as Academic Portion with Given Subjects ( Physics & English ). Follow the given below Syllabus for GD Pilot Initial test preparation.

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Note:- Most of the students faces failure in intelligence test which remain almost 70%-80% and the remaining 5%-10% fail in English Test or Physics Tests. Then in pre-medical inspection, some students face failure and very rare students pass the initial Interview of GD Pilot tests. Practice makes the man perfect.

GD Pilot

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Remember:- See the following sequence of the PAF initial tests, which leads to the 100% success. Try to get more than 95% results in online practice tests here.

Given Tests involve the following sequence as;

Easy >> Intermediate >> Difficult >> Very Difficult

Experts of Shaheen Forces Academy always advise to attempt step by step all tests in sequence so that you may become familiar to all tests and techniques. ( Test1 – Test2 – Test3 —–and so on )

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1. Verbal Intelligence Test

In this test, a candidate has to be given with statements and different answers to solve the questions which has maximum passing percentage of 60%. A minimum of 50% passing marks is required to start the next session of the Non-Verbal Intelligence Test.

In this article, we have included some tests for all candidates to learn about verbal intelligence tests, then do online practice.

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2. Non-Verbal Intelligence Test

Non verbal Intelligence Tests contain 75 questions in which candidates are given 40 minutes by including 25 questions of verbal intelligence tests. If a candidate is well known in Non-Verbal intelligence tests then he/ she can easily pass the intelligence tests and may proceed to the next test.

Here, we include some sample questions of past papers of GD (P) which helps to understand the techniques of Non verbal intelligence tests.

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3. PAF English Tests in Academic Part of Fighter Pilot

In English paper of GD Pilot tests, mostly questions are asked about English Grammar, part of speech, prepositions, direct and indirect, passive voice, fill in the blanks, use of who, which, till, until etc.

In academic tests of English paper, total questions may be from 50 to 75 depends on the new pattern. Students are being given time accordingly. In which, students have to pass the tests by attaining more than 60% marks for final selection.

Note: Students are advised by the expert to see the grammar portion in depth and with best vocabulary.

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4. PAF Physics Tests in Academic Part of GD Pilot

In physics paper, students must prepare syllabus of matric to intermediate, including all definitions of basics tests, physical units, dimensions, values, formula and short numerical.

If a candidate prepare all questions mentioned below and then do practice at , then test of physics can easily be passed.

If you want to become a pilot of civil airlines then you must get training from Civil Aviation School and after getting license one can fly civil aircraft.

Salary of civil pilot starts from four lac to onward depends upon their medical fitness and flying hours, professional courses and training. Mostly, retired pilots of Pakistan Air Force get this better opportunity.

Pakistan Air Force announces vacancies for male and female every year to become a fighter pilot through general newspapers and online media. It has certain procedure in which intelligence tests and academic test must be passed. After training in PAF academy Risalpur, junior pilot complete their basic flying hours and then get transfer of any flying squadron.

Basic role of Air Force pilot to defend the country from the outer attacks. They remain alert and vigilant to keep an eye on the the movement of enemy in airfield.

Air Force spends a lot of money to prepare her pilot with all resources through skilled and trained instructors at PAF Academy Risalpur, who train fully to the pilot regarding all best techniques.

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