ISSB Preparation Tests

Tests Pattern and Guide for Success in ISSB

ISSB stands for Inter Services Selection Board. The Inter Services Selection Board test is the selection exam used for the Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force to assess the potential of candidates seeking to become officers.

The tests of Inter Services Selection Board are the series of psychological and physical tests designed to evaluate a candidate’s physical, intellectual and psychological abilities. The tests are designed to measure the candidate’s ability to lead, make decisions and solve problems.

The Inter Services Selection Board test is a comprehensive evaluation of a candidate’s leadership, communication and problem-solving skills.

It is an important tool used by the Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force to recruit new officers and ensure that they have the necessary skills and abilities to serve their country.

What are the Basic Tests of ISSB?

In Inter Services Selection Board, there are four types of tests;

  1. Intelligence Tests
  2. Psychological Tests
  3. GTO Tests
  4. Deputy Interview

1. Intelligence Tests

Intelligence tests include Verbal and Non-Verbal Intelligence tests in which total questions may vary but usually it comprises 100 questions which have 40 minutes to solve. Then this is followed by the mechanical test to assess the mechanical aptitude of the candidate.

2. Psychological Tests

In psychological tests, candidate is being assessed under different tests which are given below;

  1. Filing Bio Data Form
  2. Urdu Sentence Completion
  3. English Sentence Completion
  4. Words Association Tests
  5. Picture Stories
  6. Pointer Stories
  7. OPI Tests

3. Group Testing Officer (GTO) Tests

GTO has his/ her own role to assess the student under different conditions. They conduct the following tests from the students.

  1. Group Planning
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Semi Group Task
  4. Command Group Task
  5. Progressive Task
  6. Physical Obstacles
  7. Taking Suggestion to Place the Fellows in Sequence as per Performance at the end

4. Deputy Interview

Deputy takes interview thoroughly on different topics as per personality of the students. he completely analyze the students physically and make his report for recommendation or not-recommendation. Main steps that he generally follows in interview is given below;

  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. Questions about Personal life
  3. Questions about Family
  4. Questions about General Awareness
  5. Questions about Current Affairs
  6. Questions about Particular Merits or Demerits that reflect from your Personality
issb tests

Final Day at Inter Services Selection Board Center

Final day is actually the day to move to home back. On this, remember, that until they finally clear the candidate for any pending procedure, you must be alert and even till you left the main gate of the center.

Most of the time some students remain in confusion by the experts that those candidates should be selected or not. Because, when some expert do your favour and some remain against yourself then decision goes to the Deputy and that time you may be called for Re-Interview.

So, this is the reason that at the last day your should be ready for interview. If your group goes clear by the authority then you will leave the center. After 3 to 5 days, result of your recommendation comes at their official website. If you want to know about your ISSB call letter, ISSB Exam dates, ISSB results, then you can find official website of ISSB. ISSB Preparation is must before attempting ISSB.

How to get success in Inter Services Selection Board Tests?

Are you worried about your personality before going to attempt the turn? Knowing how to assess your own personality is a key part of the selection process. Our team of experts at the Shaheen Forces Academy can provide you with the guidance you need to make the most of your assessment.

We offer a range of resources that can help you understand yourself better and identify areas of strength and weakness. We also provide tips and advice on how to improve your performance in the selection process.

With our guidance, you can be sure that you are putting your best foot forward and maximizing your chances of being recommended for the program. Remember that Best Academy for Inter Services Selection Board preparation in Pakistan is Shaheen Forces Academy Rawalpindi. One Branch is available in Shaheen Forces Academy Jand (Attock)

Note: Students who want to know about themselves that whether they have potential to become an officer in Pak Army, Pak Navy or PAF then they must get assess their personality. Students are being assessed for becoming an officer instead of having high marks in academics.

You may contact us at WhatsApp No 0334-8480890 for online booking regarding personality assessment. (Always do call for detail information about the procedure of Personality assessment)

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