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As technology becomes an increasingly crucial aspect of modern warfare, the Pakistan Navy has recognized the importance of bolstering its Information Technology (IT) capabilities. To achieve this, the navy regularly announces job opportunities in its IT branch. Those who are interested to join Pak Navy as a commissioned service then here see eligibility criteria, test pattern, syllabus and role of IT branch officers in Pak Navy through Special Branch IT of Short Service Commission (SSC).

  • Start Date of Online Registration for Special Branch IT in Pak Navy: 26 Nov, 2023
  • End Date of Online Registration for ICTO in Navy Special Branch IT: 10 Dec, 2023

Candidates interested in joining the Pakistan Navy’s IT branch can apply through the official website of the Pakistan Navy. The application process usually involves filling out an online form, providing necessary documents, and appearing for written tests and interviews.

Eligibility Criteria of Pak Navy Special Branch (IT) Officers

To join the Pakistan Navy’s Special Branch IT, interested candidates must meet specific eligibility criteria. The navy sets these requirements to ensure that only the best candidates are selected for these critical positions. Some common eligibility criteria include educational qualifications, age limits, and physical fitness standards.

  • Gender: Male/ Female Can apply for Special IT Branch
  • Age Required: 22 to 27 Years
  • Rank: Sub Lieutenant after Graduation
  • Educational Qualification: BCS/ BSE/ BIT/ MCS/ MIT/ MSSE & BE with minimum 3.0 CGPA, Computer Engineering Degree with 16 years Education and must be equal to above mentioned Computer Science studies.
  • Experience: Relevant Experience or experience in Software development/ Data center/ Cyber Security/ Network Design/ Administration, Software Quality Assurance, Fundamental Programming, Graphic Designing, Data Base Administration, Android Application developer will be preferred.

Test Pattern & Syllabus of Pak Navy Special Branch IT Officers

Pak Navy Special Branch IT demands initial tests in which students have to pass the following tests with good marks because they will have to pass each test with at least more than 80% marks.

  1. Intelligence Test
  2. Academic Test

Syllabus for Special IT Branch Officers in Pak Navy

In the initial academic test of Special (IT) Branch officers in Pak Navy, following tests are to be taken under consideration for choosing MCQs in the initial academic test. Students must prepare the following topics if they want to get 100% result.

Role & Task of Navy Special Branch IT Officers

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, information technology has become indispensable for all branches of the military. The Pakistan Navy, being responsible for maritime security and defense, relies heavily on advanced technology for communication, intelligence gathering, and strategic operations. The IT branch plays a pivotal role in maintaining these technological infrastructures, ensuring smooth operations, and securing classified information.

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FAQs about Special Branch IT Officers in Pak Navy

For Officers rank, minimum qualification required is F.Sc with pre-engineering subjects. Moreover, educational requirements are different as per post.

Age limit for sailors is 16 to 21 years, for officers age is different as per posts, it starts from 18 and may range till 42 years in commissioned rank.

Minimum percentage required is 60 % for commissioned rank rather it is regular commission or Short Service Commission (SSC).

Height for male is mostly 5′ 4″ and for female remains height 5′ 2″ in general. It may vary as per demand and advertisement every year. You must see the current ads of Pak Navy.

Monthly Salary of Sailors is mostly start from 40k to 45 k which depends upon trade and branch of Pak Navy.

Minimum percentage required is 50% including rural areas, but mostly percentage required is 60% and above particularly in Commission branches of Pak Navy.