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Tests Pattern of PAF Legal Branch Officers

Pakistan Air Force announces different jobs through Short Service Commission in which jobs of Legal Branch Officers are also offered. If you want to join Air Force as an officer in legal branch then you must have graduation degree in LLB.

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In this article, you will be guided about tests pattern and syllabus of PAF Legal Branch Officers which are being taken in the initial tests. Step by step procedure is given below for becoming Officer in PAF Legal branch below.

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Test Procedure of PAF Legal Branch Officers

If you want to apply in PAF Jag branch then it has following procedure through which you can become a legal officer in PAF.

  • Step1: Apply through Online Registration.
  • Step2: Print Registration Slip Online
  • Step3: Written tests include Intelligence Test and Academic test related to LAW Subjects.
  • Step4: Pre-Medical Inspection at Selection Center.
  • Step5: Psychological Tests
  • Step6: Final Interview
  • Step7: CMB from PAF Base Lahore
  • Step8: Final Merit List and Call Letter to Join PAF Academy Risalpur

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Test Papers and Syllabus of PAF Legal Branch Officer

In Law branch of Pakistan Air Force following tests papers are included. Syllabus of each papers is also mentioned under each paper below:

  1. Intelligence Tests
  2. Academic Paper of Law
    • Constitutional History of Pakistan
    • Criminal Procedure Code
    • Criminal Law
    • Qanun-e-Shahadat Order”, 1984
    • Constitution of Pakistan, 1973
    • Pakistan Penal Code
    • International Law
    • Narcotics Substances Act,1997
    • Jurisprudence
    • Cr. P.C
    • International Conventions and Agreements on Drug Control
    • Law of Evidence
    • Money Laundering
    • Civil Procedure Code
    • Professional Ethics

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PAF Legal Branch

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Test Pattern of PAF Legal Branch

According to the online PAF registration slip, tests papers are being taken as per subjects mentioned there. Each test has different time and questions. Detail of questions are given below;

Test Type of LegalTotal Questions Total TimePassing %age
Intelligence Tests10040 Min50 %
Academic Test (Law)7540 Min60%

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How to Prepare Verbal Intelligence Tests for Legal Branch?

Verbal Intelligence Tests is the main part of intelligence tests which contains almost 25 to 30 questions which includes different types of questions like; series questions, coding, pair of words, age related questions, similarities, odd man out, different from the rest etc.

If you want to learn about solution of Verbal Intelligence tests then see the tests given below in detail for complete understanding of verbal intelligence tests. You can also see the videos of most recommended books of forces initial tests as link is given below.

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How to Prepare Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests for Legal Branch?

Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests are the second part of intelligence test in which more than 70 to 75 questions are being given to solve. It included normal pictures and also pictures related to some pattern. Students are asked to see the pic given and find the activity which is going on in the first part of question.

Then by observing the on going activity, solve the next one by choosing appropriate answer given in the option. It seems easy but remains very close to one another. Therefore, it needs special care to understand that whats going on there. See the following tests to understand about Non-Verbal intelligence tests.

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Pakistan Air Force announces multiple jobs every year. It has three main categories of Jobs like; Officers, Airman/ Airwoman and Civilians. Every job requirements are different like civilians jobs mostly related to Grade 1-14, airman job range is from grade 8 to 16 and Officers’ grade start from 17 and above.

One can join PAF as a civilian if he/ she has certain qualifications. Mostly people are prefered who have different job experiences and diplomas because they can perform multiple tasks at a time. For more information click here.

Eligibility to join PAF starts from Matric to Graduation. At matric level, one can join PAF as a Civilian or as an Airman/ Airwoman. Those who have done FSc or having above qualification they can apply for commission services in PAF.

Both males and Females can apply after BBA. particularly in logistics branch and Admin branch of PAF. Moreover, in account branch of PAF one can also apply with BBA degree.

SSW means Special Services Wing of Pakistan Air Force. Mostly, people who are serving in SSW are willing personnel who join this wing from different unit of Pakistan Air Force. Every year, this wing ask to the bases for willing personnel who want to join it. Only willing and dedicated person can join it.

PAF reserves are the personnel who served in Pakistan Air Force for more than 10 years. After retirements Pakistan Air Force keeps the personnel in reserve force, because whenever, they will be required by the country, then such retired personnel perform their duties.

Students who have done their FSc in Pre-Engineering can join Pakistan Air Force as general Duty Pilot. For more detail Click Here.

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