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Pak Merchant Navy Jobs Criteria

The Merchant Navy, often regarded as the backbone of international trade and transportation, plays a pivotal role in connecting nations across the globe through maritime commerce. This sector encompasses a wide range of job opportunities, from navigating massive cargo ships to managing the logistics of goods transportation.

In Pakistan, joining the Merchant Navy offers a unique blend of adventure, career growth, and a chance to contribute to global trade dynamics. In this article, we’ll delve into the nature of work in the Merchant Navy, the pathways to join it, and the potential rewards it offers.

  • Last Date to Apply in Merchant Navy : 15 September, 2023
  • Date of Entry Test for Merchant Navy : 24 September, 2023

The Merchant Navy is a fleet of commercial vessels engaged in transporting goods and passengers across international waters. This sector is distinct from the naval forces of a country, as it is primarily involved in trade and commercial activities rather than military operations.

The fleet comprises various types of vessels, including cargo ships, oil tankers, container ships, and cruise liners. The workforce of the Merchant Navy is responsible for tasks such as navigating ships, maintaining engines, managing cargo, ensuring safety protocols, and more.

In the realm of maritime commerce, we encounter the appellation “The Merchant Navy.” This designates the expansive domain of international commercial shipping. Its fabric comprises a myriad of maritime enterprises that engage in recruiting their own complement of Officer Cadets. Enlisted within these corporations are merchant seafarers—individuals of both officer and rating ranks—who, in the course of their employment, don the mantle of civilians.

Within this realm, the spectrum of enterprises is broad and diverse, encompassing a variance in vessel magnitude, vessel categorization, and geographical spheres of operation. One will encounter a spectrum of contemporary merchant vessels, including but not restricted to cargo-laden behemoths, luxurious cruise liners, liquid cargo carriers, gas conveyors, chemical distributors, mass bulk conveyers, undersea cable deployers, roll-on/roll-off ferries, automotive haulers, offshore rig suppliers, and versatile general cargo craft.

Their commercial pathways traverse each continent and span every aqueous expanse our planet possesses. Upon the deck of these maritime entities, three principal operational divisions assert their prominence.

  • The Deck Department: This bastion is manned by Navigating Officers, who orchestrate the art of ship management with seasoned proficiency.
  • The Engineering Department: Within these precincts, Marine Engineering Officers assume their role, supplemented potentially by Electro-Technical Officers of aptitude and mettle.
  • The Catering or Hotel Department: This realm is overseen by the General Purpose Crew, denoted as GP-III or Ratings. These dedicated individuals extend their services, furnishing the crew and any accompanying voyagers with a cadre of culinary and domestic amenities.

Eligibility Criteria in Pak Merchant Navy

  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Gender: Male Citizen of Pakistan
  • Age Requirement: Must not more than 20 Years (Candidates of FATA/ Gilgit Baltistan/ AJK/ Baluchistan have One Year of Age Relaxation, their limit of age is maximum 21 years)

Educational Qualification Required in Pak Merchant Navy

  • Candidate must have passed FSc with Pre-Engineering/ A-Level with subject combination (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) with at least 55% Marks
  • Candidates who have O/A Level must submit Equilivancy certificate.
  • Candidates who have secured 60% marks in first year, they are eligible to apply on Hope Certificate.
  • If a candidate secure at least less than 55% marks in FSc they he will be disqualified/ discharge from the service at that stage even after the selection.

Test Pattern & Syllabus

Following tests are being conducted in the initial tests of Pakistan Merchant Navy through PMA (Pakistan Marine Academy). Detail of tests with total questions are given below;

  1. English Test (Total Questions 20)
  2. Mathematics Test (Total Questions 20)
  3. Physics Test (Total Questions 20)
  4. Chemistry Test (Total Questions 20)
  5. General Knowledge (Total Questions 20)

Syllabus of Merchant Navy Initial Test

English Subject: Parts of Speech, Narration, Tenses, Fill in the Blanks, Missing Spellings, Synonyms, Antonyms, Analogies, Idioms, and passive Voice Sentences.

  1. Mathematics Subject:
    • Algebra
    • Geometry
    • Trigonometry
    • Arithmetic and Number System
    • Mensuration
    • Statistics and Probability
    • Calculus
    • Algebra
    • Geometry
    • Trigonometry
    • Statistics and Probability
    • Linear Programming
    • Numerical Methods
    • Differential Equations
  2. Physics Subject:
    • Introduction to Physics
    • Kinematics
    • Dynamics
    • Work, Energy, and Power
    • Properties of Matter
    • Heat and Thermodynamics
    • Waves and Sound
    • Light
    • Electrostatics
    • Electromagnetism
    • Electromagnetic Induction
    • Optics
    • Modern Physics
    • Fluid Dynamics
    • Heat and Thermodynamics
    • Nuclear Physics
    • Electronic Devices
  3. Chemistry Subject
    • Fundamentals of Chemistry
    • Atomic Structure
    • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
    • Chemical Reactions
    • Acids, Bases, and Salts
    • Chemical Energetics
    • Electrochemistry
    • Intermediate Level (Higher Secondary School):
    • Chemical Kinetics
    • Chemical Equilibrium
    • Solutions and Solubility
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Hydrocarbons
    • Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers
    • Aldehydes and Ketones
    • Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives
    • Biochemistry
    • Environmental Chemistry

How to Register in Pak Merchant Navy?

  • A candidate can download prospectus or Application from from the official website of Navy ( or may be taken from the nearest Selection Center of Pak Navy.
  • Candidate can get admission form on payment of Rs. 3000/- through pay order/ bank draft on the name of “Pakistan Marine Academy, Karachi, National bank of Pakistan, PMA Branch Code 0239 which may also be submitted through Courier services. (Only Postal Orders / DD will be acceptable)
  • Candidates who want to take admission on self Finance will submit an extra bank draft of Rs. 300000/- through bank Draft or Pay Order.
  • In case of not fulfilling the criteria on merit, fee will be refunded.

Selection Procedure in Pak Merchant Navy

  • Tests are to be conducted through Higher Testing Agencies at Abbottabad, Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Muzaffarabad (AJK), Peshawar, Quetta, Sakhar, and Rawalpindi.
  • Students are required to secure at least 50% Marks to qualify the written test.
  • Medical Examination of the short listed/ selected candidates is to be conducted in Pak Army/ Pak Navy hospitals for final selection.
  • Final merit based on FSc marks, Entrance Tests Marks, medical, Physical Efficiency Tests, and Final Interview marks. (Final PET and Interview are to be conducted after taking medical examination. Dates of final interview are to be uploaded at official website of PMA (Pakistan Marine Academy).

Physical Test in Pak Merchant Navy

  • Running: 01 Mile (1.6 Km)- 8 Min
  • Push Ups: 15 (02 Min)
  • Sit Ups: 15 (02 Min)
  • Chin Ups: 02 (02 Min)
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Training and Degrees Awarded to Merchant Navy Cadets

  • Candidates are to complete at least 02 years of training at Pakistan Marine Academy.
  • After completion of training at PMA, candidates are to be awarded Engineering Degree in Marine.
  • Cadets are also being awarded certified courses by the International maritime organization.

Scholarship / Salary During Training in Merchant Navy

Candidates are being paid scholarship during training which may be considered as salary of the cadets during training of Merchant Navy. Moreover, need base scholarship are also being provided to the students who come at merits and this is limited to only 04 students. Moreover, there are 33 need based scholarships which are being awarded by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs. Detail of scholarships are given below.

  1. Baluchistan (15 Scholarships)
  2. KPK (06 Scholarships)
  3. Punjab (06 Scholarships)
  4. Sindh (06 Scholarships)

In-Eligibility for Applying in Pak Merchant Navy

Candidates become ineligible if they have following conditions:

  • On submission of Fake Educational Documents.
  • Dismissed / Debarred from any Government services/ Institution/ Training Institution/ of Pak Army, Pak Navy or Pak Air Force.
  • During government service, dismissed from government service, or convicted from any court.
  • Irrelevant subject combination and DAE holders are not eligible.
  • Medical unfit from any Pak Forces Hospitals or Medical Board.
  • Declared colour blind in any medical of Pak Forces.

Address for Correspondence before Apply in Merchant Navy

Candidates can apply through official website of Pakistan Marine Academy, or may contact at the following address:

  • Address: Officer In-Charge Admissions, Pakistan Marine Academy, Hoxbey Road, Karachi (75780),
  • Phone: 021-99241201-5 Ext: 214,
  • Fax No: 021-99241206

Current Advertisement of Pak Merchant Navy- 2023

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