super intelligence book

Here is the book review of Super Excellent and Academic books which is important for initial tests of Army, Navy and PAF because they provide comprehensive knowledge and information about the subject matter. Human Intelligence always need improvement by studying different books which become more helpful for those looking to gain an edge in the competition by providing detailed information on the selection criteria used by the armed forces.

Books that increase intelligence for airman, sailors and civilians to join Pak Defence Forces include one of the best book which is Super Intelligence Book of Nazam Sattar Khokhar. This book can be a valuable source of information on the various roles and responsibilities they will be expected to perform. It is also famous among military intelligence books to pass the initial tests.

It also provides essential information on the different branches of the armed forces and their requirements. It can also provide valuable advice on how to prepare for the tests and improve one’s chances of success.

Solved Tests of Super Intelligence Book

Verbal Intelligence Tests

Verbal Intelligence Tests is a form of IQ Tests, which tells about IQ scores about the individual who want to become a part of Pak Defence Forces. If you want to know about “What is my IQ?” then click on the button below and take test online.

Verbal Intelligence tests having more than 90% scores shows very good IQ and fit for forces selection. In these tests, vocabulary tests are also included which resembles with cognitive tests. Candidates having good at verbal IQ tests shows much intelligence.

Click on the tests below and understand deeply.