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Airman Jobs Test Pattern | Syllabus

Pakistan Air Force always take initial tests to induct any airman in PAF Airman Jobs. Those who perform excellent into their written tests, they become part of the PAF. There are two types of tests pattern in PAF initial test.

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Papers’ pattern is almost same for PAF Airman Jobs in all trades whether these are related to Aerotrade or Aerosupport. Only difference is that in some trades there are four tests and some trades there are only two tests including personality test is optional.

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General Subjects of Tests for PAF Airman Jobs

If you are interested to apply for Aerotrades (Aero Technician), PF & DI (Physical Fitness and Drill Instructor), Medical Technician, and Sportsman, then following tests are being conducted for the PAF Airman Jobs.

  1. Intelligence Test
  2. English Test
  3. Physics Test
  4. Maths Test
  5. Biology Test (It is only for Female Medical Technician or Male Medical Technician)
  6. Personality Test (It is optional, sometime it is being taken by the Selection Center and sometime it is not. In 2023, it was not included in the initial tests. Moreover, see your registration slip for more confirmation, because after online registration, tests are normally written at the end of the slip)

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Limited Subjects of Tests for PAF Airman Jobs

In other trades of PAF, like; GC (Ground Combatier), Provost, and Fire Fighters, following tests are being taken.

  1. Intelligence Test
  2. English Test
  3. Personality Test (It is optional)

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Syllabus of Initial Tests in PAF Airman Jobs

In intelligence tests and to join PAF intelligence test online, 25 questions are to be given related to verbal intelligence mcs, and 75 questions are being included related to Non-Verrbal intelligence tests.

In academic tests of English paper, questions related to grammar, parts of speech, narration, direct & indirect speech, use of words, synonyms, antonyms, singular, plurals, masculine, feminine, translations and fill in the blanks are included.

In Physics tests, mostly questions are being taken from the matric books whether it is related to any secondary board. Mostly questions are being taken from the last chapters as routine seems clear.

In mathematics paper, mostly questions are related to the formulas, equations, and solution of variables. Moreover, algebra, trigonometry, basic statistics, sets are being taken for the tests. All syllabus is related to matric level.

Same in the paper of Biology, all contents are being included from the matric level. Therefor, try to learn from the matric book of Biology which is particularly related to Punjab board.

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Tests’ Pattern, Total Questions and Passing Marks

Detail of all subjects test is given below about passing marks, total mcqs, and total time for the subject in the initial tests.

Subjects Total MCQsTotal TimePass Marks
Intelligence Test10040 Min50%
English Test5020 Min50%
Physics Test2510 Min50%
Maths Test2510 Min50%
Biology Test2510 Min50%
Personality (Optional)5020 Min50%

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