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Are you looking to join the Pakistan Army? If so, then you have come to the right place! Joining the Pakistan Army is an exciting and rewarding opportunity, and it could be the start of an amazing future. With our guidance, you can learn all about the selection criteria and processes of the Pakistan Army, how to prepare for the initial tests and the important skills you need to pass the selection process.

We provide comprehensive information, tips and strategies to help you succeed in the recruitment process. Here you can find the related material which helps you to prepare initial tests of Pak Army with 100% confidence. So, if you’re looking to join the Pakistan Army, let us be your guide!

In Pakistan Army, there are three main types of cadres, i.e., Commissioned Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Civilians. Civilians ranks and status start from grade (BPS-01 to BPS-22) and in Non-Commissioned Officers ranks/ Designation start from BPS 9 to BPS 16, and in Commissioned Officers rank, status of career start from BPS 17 to BPS 22. Types of commissioned services/ Jobs, Non-Commissioned Jobs and Civilians are as follows;

  1. Commissioned Officers Jobs
  2. Non-Commissioned Officers Jobs
  3. Civilian Jobs

Join Pak Army as an Officer, Soldier and Civilian

Free Online Course Material with Tutorials of solved questions are available to prepare 100% tests for all subjects of initial tests and ISSB. If you want to join Pak Army then click below on the required field for the best preparation of initial tests.

FAQs about Join Pak Army

Yes Pakistan Army is the best among all other forces or Law & Order Agencies.

If you want to join Pak Army, then age limit starts from 16 years to 44 years which is different as per branch and trade. For more information click here.

If you want to join ISPR then you must join Pak Army first in any branch rather through Commissioned services or Non-Commissioned services. During services, if you want to join ISPR then after specific tests you will be able to join ISPR.

If you want to join Pak Army then you must have minimum chest size 78 cm (31 Inches), moreover for Baluchistan candidates and for other provinces measurement of chest criteria is different. Like for Baluchistan candidates is 74cm.

If you want to Join Pak Army then Distant Vision standard is 6/9, 6/12, and Near Vision Standard is J2. J7, or N8, N12, with or Without Glasses.

Pakistan Army is much stronger than India with respect to the courage and training.

Israel is not much powerful as compared to Pakistan because even having low economy and less resources of jobs, Pakistan is surviving. It shows that Pakistan can survive and fight with more spirit if it has well economy and resources.

There are main 4 types of forces i.e., Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. In which there are several units / Departments. Like in Army there are Infantry, Armoured corps, Artillery corps, Signal corps, Colonial troops, Special forces, Military police, and Medical corps. In Navy, Mechanical branch, Technical Branch, and Marines. In air Force, Engineering, Flying, Administration, Logistics, Education, and Avionics. In Marines, SSG and Sub Marines are included.

Overall in the world, People Republic of China Army is the Largest Army of the World with at least 2 Million personnel.

In the Entire World, Pakistan Army is the strongest Army because it handles Elections, Polio or Vaccination, Flood Activities, and All social activities with Military roles at the borders. This is why Pakistan Army has multiple role to play in the country.

Although, with respect to the strength, Pakistan Army is not largest Army in the world.

If you want to join Pak Army then you are going to take right decision because at this time it has much value as compared to other Army.

Overall in Defence forces, Pashtuns are more than 30%. It is because of having their special quota as the other provinces have.

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