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How to Pass an Interview?: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you applying for the job in Pak Army, Pak Navy or PAF? Are you a candidate who wants to pass your initial or ISSB interview with 100% success? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! where you will guided free and with important most frequently asked questions. If you will prepare those questions comprehensively or through your mentor then you can pass your job interview with 100% surety.

We will share the best tips and strategies on how to ace your initial job interview at selection center or ISSB interview for impressing the selection board. If you are applying for becoming a commissioned officer in military forces then initial interview is the first step into your success then other significant step is getting selected for the Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) interview towards a career in the military.

However, the ISSB interview process can be intimidating, rigorous, and highly competitive. To help you navigate this crucial phase successfully, this article provides a comprehensive guide on how to pass your initial or an ISSB interview.

Understanding the ISSB Interview

What is the ISSB?

The Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) is an organization responsible for selecting candidates for officer commissions in the armed forces of Pakistan. It assesses candidates’ mental, moral, and physical qualities through a series of tests and interviews.

Why is the ISSB Interview Important?

Passing the ISSB interview is essential for candidates aspiring to become officers in the military. It is the final stage of the selection process and determines whether a candidate is suitable for a leadership role in the armed forces.

Preparing for the ISSB Interview

1. Research and Familiarize Yourself

Before the interview, research the ISSB interview process thoroughly. Understand the various tests and exercises involved, as well as the qualities the board assesses. This knowledge will help you prepare effectively.

2. Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is crucial for military service. Prioritize regular exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Aim to pass the physical tests with ease.

3. Develop Leadership Qualities

Military officers need strong leadership skills. Engage in leadership roles within your community or school to develop these qualities.

4. Time Management

Practice time management skills to ensure you complete tasks efficiently. Punctuality is highly valued in the military.

During the ISSB Interview

5. Dress Smartly

Appearances matter. Wear a clean, well-fitting, and appropriate outfit. It reflects your respect for the interview process.

6. Confidence is Key

Maintain confidence throughout the interview. Speak clearly, make eye contact, and exhibit self-assured body language.

7. Be Honest

The ISSB assesses honesty and integrity. Be truthful in your responses, even if the truth may not be what you think the board wants to hear.

8. Communication Skills

Effective communication is vital. Practice expressing your thoughts clearly and concisely.

After the ISSB Interview

9. Self-Reflection

Reflect on your performance during the interview. Identify areas where you can improve and work on them.

10. Stay Informed

Stay updated on current events and military-related news. This knowledge can be valuable in future interviews.


Passing an ISSB interview is a significant achievement and a stepping stone to a rewarding military career. To succeed, prepare diligently, maintain confidence, and demonstrate the qualities that the board is looking for.

Important Asked Questions to Pass an Interview

About You

  1. What’s your name?
  2. Who is your best friend? How did you meet?
  3. What’s your email address?
  4. Do you have any siblings?
  5. What kind of music do you like?
  6. How often do you eat out? What’s your favorite restaurant?
  7. What do you like to do on your birthday?
  8. Where did you grow up? Describe the place.
  9. Who is your favorite family member?
  10. What sports do you like?
  11. What’s your last name? (surname or family name)
  12. What’s your phone number?
  13. What do you usually do on weekends?
  14. What’s your favorite snack?
  15. When is your birthday? How old are you?
  16. What is your best skill?
  17. Do you have a pet? / Would you like a pet?
  18. What’s your job? / What’s your parent’s job? / What do you do?
  19. What hobbies do you have? What do you do in your free time?
  20. What app do you use the most on your phone?

Questions about Daily Routine

  1. What time do you usually wake up?
  2. Do you have a busy schedule?
  3. Which do you like better: Mornings or afternoons?
  4. What do you usually do on weekday mornings?
  5. Where do you like to hang out during your free time?
  6. Do you like to exercise? Why/Why not?
  7. What is something you waste a lot of time on?
  8. Talk about what you like to read.
  9. Can you cook? How often do you make dinner?
  10. How do you relax before going to bed?
  11. What time do you go to bed?
  12. Are you usually early, on time, or late?
  13. Do you take naps?
  14. What do you do on weekend mornings?
  15. What do you like to do during your free time?
  16. Where do you eat lunch? What do you usually have?
  17. Describe a place you like to walk to.
  18. Do you spend a lot of time online? What do you do?
  19. How do you commute to school/work?
  20. How many hours of TV do you watch every day?

About How Often/ How Many

  1. How often do you watch a movie?
  2. How many times do you check social media every day?
  3. How often do you eat junk food?
  4. How often do you go hiking or go for a walk?
  5. How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
  6. How often do you read? What books do you like?
  7. How often do you dream at night?
  8. How often will you ride your bicycle this summer?
  9. How often do you get into trouble?
  10. How often do you travel to other cities?
  11. How many times do you shower every day?
  12. How often do you post on Facebook or Instagram?
  13. How often do you shop for new clothes?
  14. How often do you eat dessert?
  15. How often do you study English?
  16. How often do you say “I love you” to your parents?
  17. How often do you go to the dentist?
  18. How often do you visit your grandparents?
  19. How often do you go grocery shopping?
  20. How often will you exercise in the future?

Questions about Have you ever? to Pass an Interview

  1. Have you ever lost your wallet?
  2. Have you ever broken a bone?
  3. Have you ever gotten into a fight?
  4. Have you ever lied to your parents?
  5. Have you ever met a celebrity?
  6. Have you ever made food for more than 10 people?
  7. Have you ever been to the emergency room at a hospital? What happened?
  8. Have you ever been to a wedding?
  9. Have you ever cried during a movie?
  10. Have you ever fallen in love/ had a crush on someone?
  11. Have you ever done volunteering for a non-profit organization?
  12. Have you ever been on TV? Would you like to be on TV?
  13. Have you ever missed your stop to get off the bus or subway?
  14. Have you ever slept in a tent?
  15. Have you ever fainted in public?
  16. Have you ever fired a gun?
  17. Have you ever been to a funeral?
  18. Have you ever ridden a horse?
  19. Have you ever run a race?
  20. Have you ever gotten a bad haircut

Questions About “Do You Ever?” to Pass an Interview

  1. Do you ever go to bed late?
  2. Do you ever feel jealous of your friends?
  3. Do you ever lie to your parents?
  4. Do you ever get angry?
  5. Do you ever wish you were someone else?
  6. Do you ever donate blood?
  7. Do you ever consider getting plastic surgery?
  8. Do you ever tease your brother or sister?
  9. Do you ever go on trips alone?
  10. Do you ever share secrets with friends?
  11. Do you ever buy things and regret it later? (buyer’s remorse)
  12. Do you ever give money to charity or church?
  13. Do you ever forget the name of someone you’ve just met?
  14. Do you ever worry about the future of the planet?
  15. Do you ever snore while sleeping?
  16. Do you ever forget something, then go back to get it?
  17. Do you ever stalk someone online?
  18. Do you ever copy homework from a friend?
  19. Do you ever sing in the shower?
  20. Do you ever swear in public?

Questions about “Holidays” to pass an Interview

  1. Do you like holidays?
  2. Name two religious’ holidays that you celebrate.
  3. What public holidays do you have in your country?
  4. Is it better to stay at home on holidays or go somewhere else?
  5. What are some holidays celebrated all across the world?
  6. Is there any music related to holidays that you know?
  7. What’s your favorite holiday memory?
  8. Do you have any special family traditions around a holiday?
  9. What was the best fireworks display that you’ve ever seen?
  10. What’s the best gift you’ve received for a holiday?
  11. What’s your favorite holiday?
  12. What is the strangest holiday you’ve heard of?
  13. What holiday food do you like?
  14. Do you think holidays are too commercialized?
  15. What’s on TV during holidays?
  16. Is there a religious holiday that is special to you?
  17. Do you think holidays are important?
  18. On which holiday do people decorate their houses?
  19. Is there a holiday connected to a person?
  20. Do you ever visit relatives for a holiday?

Questions About “Weather” to Pass an Interview

  1. What is your favorite season and why?
  2. Does winter get very cold in your country? What do you wear?
  3. What area in your country has the best weather?
  4. Does your country have weather disasters such as tornadoes or typhoons?
  5. Describe the weather in your country.
  6. Why is it important to know the weather forecast?
  7. Do you think the weather is changing? Have you heard of global
  8. How does weather impact your emotions?
  9. When it rains a lot, we say it is raining cats and dogs. Do you have an
    expression like that?
  10. If you could control the weather, what would you do?
  11. What type of weather do you like the most?
  12. What do you do on rainy days?
  13. What is your favorite summer memory?
  14. The sun can be dangerous. How can we protect ourselves from harsh
  15. What does it mean to be “under the weather”? If you don’t know, guess.
  16. Have you ever worn the wrong clothes for the weather? Or have you
    forgotten an umbrella at home and it started to rain?
  17. Has the weather ever made you cancel your plans?
  18. What is the hottest temperature you’ve ever experienced?
  19. During which month does your country get the most rain? Take a guess.
  20. Have you ever seen snow? What activities can people do in snow?

Questions about “Shopping” to pass an Interview

  1. What is the last thing you’ve bought? (purchased)
  2. What is your favorite brand?
  3. How do you feel about online shopping?
  4. Have you ever bought something only to regret it later?
  5. Who does the shopping at your home? How often do they go shopping?
  6. If you had $1000, what would you buy?
  7. In general, why do women enjoy shopping more than men?
  8. A bargain hunter is someone who loves to find sales or discounts. Are you
    a bargain hunter?
  9. Shoplifting is when someone steals from a shop. How do shops prevent
    this from happening?
  10. Where is a good place to go shopping in your city?
  11. What is your favorite shop?
  12. What do you buy at least once a week?
  13. If you opened your own shop, what would you sell?
  14. What groceries do you buy at the supermarket?
  15. What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought?
  16. Do you prefer shopping alone or with friends?
  17. Your birthday is tomorrow. What gift would you like to receive?
  18. What is something that is better to buy online?
  19. In the United States, Black Friday is a day with many sales. Is there a
    special day in your country to go shopping?
  20. Have you ever returned an item to a shop? What and why?

Questions About “Movies” to Pass an Interview

  1. What’s your favorite movie?
  2. How often do you go to the cinema?
  3. Who are some of your favorite actors?
  4. When is the last time you’ve cried while watching a film?
  5. What is the most annoying thing someone can do in the cinema?
  6. What movie sequel would you love to see? If you could watch a follow-up
    (or sequel) to a movie, what would it be?
  7. Who is the best movie hero (or protagonist)?
  8. What is the worst movie you’ve ever seen?
  9. Who do you like to watch movies with or do you like watching alone?
  10. Do you think age restrictions on movies are a good idea? Is it bad for
    young people to watch violent movies?
  11. What movie genre do you like?
  12. What is the best snack to eat while watching a movie?
  13. How many movies do you watch per week?
  14. What is the scariest movie you’ve ever watched?
  15. What is more important in a movie, acting or special effects?
  16. If someone made a movie of your life, what kind of movie would it be?
  17. Who is the best bad guy (or antagonist)?
  18. What character would you like to play in a movie?
  19. What’s better: Books or Movies?
  20. Describe your favorite scene from a movie.

Questions about “Television” to Pass an Interview

  1. What TV show are you watching right now?
  2. How much time do you spend watching TV every week?
  3. What TV show genres do you know? Dramas, Talk shows etc.
  4. Who is a popular TV show character?
  5. If you had your own TV show, what would it be about?
  6. What are some negatives about watching TV?
  7. What would life be like without TV?
  8. TV is a source of information. How can we use it positively?
  9. Every year there is a new trend on TV. What is a recent trend?
  10. Do you ever watch shows in another language? What shows?
  11. Do you use Netflix? What is your favorite show?
  12. What TV show would you suggest for a friend to watch?
  13. How do you watch TV: On a television, computer, tablet or phone?
  14. What is your opinion on television? Is it good or bad?
  15. If you could be any character in a TV show, who would it be?
  16. Is too much TV bad for young people?
  17. How will TV change in the next couple of decades?
  18. What is your opinion on reality TV?
  19. What time of the day do most people watch TV?
  20. If you could create your own TV network, what shows would you have

Questions About “Fashion” to Pass an Interview

  1. What clothes are you wearing today?
  2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  3. Are you interested in fashion?
  4. What is your favorite piece of clothing?
  5. What kind of fashion interests you most – clothes, hair, cosmetics, shoes,
  6. Do you think you have too many or not enough clothes at home?
  7. Think about yourself when you were younger, were you stylish?
  8. What are some past fashion trends in your country?
  9. Do you thinking learning to put on make-up is a valuable skill?
  10. Tell me about a big event that you had to dress up for.
  11. What did you wear yesterday?
  12. What is your most expensive piece of clothing?
  13. Can you describe your fashion style?
  14. Do you have a favorite fashion brand? Why do you like it?
  15. If you could change anything about your style, what would it be?
  16. Does fashion need to be expensive to be good?
  17. Retro means an old fashion that has become popular again. Can you think
    of any examples?
  18. What are some recent fashion trends that you’ve spotted?
  19. Do you have someone whose fashion style you admire?
  20. Do your parents dislike some clothing that you wear? What and why?

Questions about “Emotions” to Pass an Interview

  1. How do you feel right now?
  2. What do you like to do when you get bored?
  3. Do you think animals have feelings?
  4. Talk about a time when you were embarrassed.
  5. Are you excited about anything coming up in the future?
  6. Can money buy happiness?
  7. What makes you angry?
  8. Do you enjoy spending time alone? What do you do?
  9. Are women more emotional than men?
  10. Some people say ‘Love is the greatest emotion’. Do you think it’s true?
  11. What makes you nervous or anxious?
  12. Do you like to watch scary movies? Why or why not?
  13. What do you do to relax?
  14. Is it better to hide or show your anger?
  15. Tell me about a time you felt really happy?
  16. What is a memory that makes you smile?
  17. If you have a problem, who do you talk to?
  18. Have you ever been in love? How did it feel?
  19. What emotion do you wish you could control better?
  20. EQ is emotional intelligence. Who is someone in your life that has high

Questions About “Health” to Pass an Interview

  1. How often do you catch a cold?
  2. Do you exercise to keep fit?
  3. Have you ever had stiches?
  4. What are some of the dangerous diseases in the world?
  5. How can you prevent getting sick?
  6. Are people healthier now than 100 years ago?
  7. How can you improve your health?
  8. What can you do if you have trouble sleeping?
  9. Living long is also because of genetics. How old do people in your family
  10. What are some jobs that are hazardous (bad) for a person’s health?
  11. When is the last time you went to the doctor?
  12. What foods are good for your health?
  13. Have you ever broken a bone?
  14. What illnesses have you had?
  15. Why is smoking bad for you?
  16. Do you think happy people live longer? Why?
  17. How often do you go to the dentist?
  18. Why is too much stress unhealthy?
  19. These days people are worried about catching COVID. How can we stay
  20. What medicine or first aid do you have at home?

Questions about “Music” to Pass an Interview

  1. What is your favorite type of music?
  2. Where do you usually listen to music?
  3. Have you ever been to a concert?
  4. Can you play a musical instrument?
  5. What music do your parents listen to?
  6. If you could meet any musician (from the past or present), who would it
  7. Who is the most famous singer from your country?
  8. If you could stop any genre of music, which one would you ban?
  9. Do you listen to any musical groups from other countries?
  10. What is more important, lyrics or sound?
  11. Who is your favorite musician or singer?
  12. How often do you listen to music?
  13. What live performance would you like to see?
  14. Do you have a favorite band?
  15. How has music changed from the previous generation?
  16. What app do you use to listen to music?
  17. Would you like to be a famous singer? Why/Why not?
  18. What is a song that is currently very popular?
  19. Are you a good singer? What is your go-to song?
  20. Do you think your taste in music will change when you get older?

Questions About “Hobbies” to Pass an Interview

  1. What hobbies do you have?
  2. If you had more free time, how would you spend it?
  3. Do you think people should have hobbies?
  4. What is an activity that you would like to do in the future?
  5. How do you spend your evenings?
  6. What are some expensive hobbies that you know of?
  7. Can a hobby be dangerous?
  8. Does your hobby influence what friends you have?
  9. What hobbies do many women in your country have?
  10. Do you ever feel like you are wasting your free time? How?
  11. What do you do in your free time?
  12. What is a cheap hobby that anyone can do?
  13. How many hours do you spend on your hobby every week?
  14. What hobbies did you have when you were young?
  15. What are some interesting hobbies that you know of?
  16. What hobbies are popular in your country?
  17. What do you do on weekends?
  18. Can you make money doing a hobby?
  19. What are some popular hobbies for men in your country?
  20. What is a good hobby for a boyfriend or girlfriend to have?

Questions about “Crime” to Pass an Interview

  1. What phone number do you dial to reach the police in your country?
  2. Has anyone ever stolen something from you?
  3. Why do people go to prison?
  4. Do you think criminals can change?
  5. What is a common crime in your country?
  6. Are you afraid of being the victim of a crime?
  7. What do you know about internet crime?
  8. Should police be more, or less strict?
  9. What kind of crimes do you worry about when you travel abroad?
  10. Do you think that ‘crime pays’?
  11. Is your country safe?
  12. What is an important law that everyone should follow?
  13. What are some crimes that you know?
  14. Do you know what shoplifting is? What kind of items do criminals steal?
  15. If you could steal anything without being caught, what would it be?
  16. Did you ever want to be a police officer? Why / Why not?
  17. Juvenile crime is when young people commit crime. What kind of
    crimes do young people typically commit?
  18. Do movies and TV programs show what real criminals look like?
  19. What causes a person to commit a crime?
  20. Do you have any crime prevention tips?

Questions About “Dating” to Pass an Interview

  1. Why do people go on dates?
  2. How would you ask someone on a date?
  3. What is your idea of an ideal date?
  4. Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?
  5. Who is your celebrity crush?
  6. What does it mean to ‘go Dutch’?
  7. Have you ever been to a wedding? What happened?
  8. How long should you date someone before getting married?
  9. What positives are there to being married?
  10. Why do you think so many people get divorced these days?
  11. Where do people usually go on dates?
  12. Describe your ideal partner?
  13. What is your idea of a bad date?
  14. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
  15. What is a blind date?
  16. Do you want to get married?
  17. Do you know any wedding traditions from your country?
  18. What negatives are there to being married?
  19. An arranged marriage is when your parents choose your partner. Would
    you want your parents to arrange a marriage for you?
  20. How can you make yourself more attractive to members of the opposite

Questions about “Favorites” to Pass an Interview

  1. What’s your favorite color?
  2. What’s your favorite movie?
  3. Who is your favorite singer or band?
  4. What’s your favorite restaurant?
  5. What’s your favorite app on your phone?
  6. Who is your favorite athlete?
  7. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
  8. Who is your favorite TV or movie character?
  9. What’s your favorite way to relax?
  10. What’s your favorite memory of school?
  11. What’s your favorite animal?
  12. Who is your favorite celebrity?
  13. What’s your favorite sport?
  14. What’s your favorite fast food?
  15. What’s your favorite TV show?
  16. What’s your favorite brand?
  17. What’s your favorite book?
  18. Where is your favorite place to hang out with your friends?
  19. Who is your favorite relative (family member)?
  20. What’s your favorite holiday experience?

Questions About “Travel” to Pass an Interview

  1. Have you ever been abroad (another country)?
  2. Where did you go for you last vacation?
  3. What do many people do during winter vacation?
  4. What famous or historical place would you like to visit?
  5. Where did you go on the last trip with your family? How was it?
  6. Do you like relaxing vacations or exciting ones?
  7. What items should you take on vacation?
  8. What are some good travel tips?
  9. What is something bad that happened to you while on vacation?
  10. What souvenirs have you bought while traveling?
  11. What country would you like to visit in the future?
  12. What is the best place to visit in your country for summer?
  13. What is your preferred way to travel (plane, ship, car, bike)?
  14. What adventurous activity would you like to try in the future?
  15. Is it better to travel alone or with friends? Why?
  16. What is the most interesting food you’ve eaten on vacation?
  17. What do you have to plan before going on vacation?
  18. Tell me about a fun travel story.
  19. What do you like to do while traveling? Shop, relax, sightsee?
  20. What is your favorite photo that you have taken on vacation? Tell me about it.

Questions about “Would You Rather” to Pass an Interview

  1. Would you rather have a pet dinosaur or pet unicorn?
  2. Would you rather be rich or world famous?
  3. Would you rather be blind or deaf (can’t hear)?
  4. Would you rather have three wishes in ten years, or one wish now?
  5. Would you rather have forever summer or forever winter?
  6. Would you rather dance in front of 100 people or sing in front of 1,000
  7. Would you rather have an elephant-sized cat or a cat-sized elephant?
  8. Would you rather speak every language in the world or have the ability
    to talk with animals?
  9. Would you rather go to the beach or the mountains during summer?
  10. Would you rather borrow $10,000 from your parents or $1,000 from
    your friends?
  11. Would you rather be invisible or able to fly?
  12. Would you rather go without TV or fast food for the rest of your life?
  13. Would you rather see the future or change the past?
  14. Would you rather be a sport star (athletic) or a genius?
  15. Would you rather be rich and ugly or good looking and poor?
  16. Would you rather be a famous inventor or a great writer?
  17. Would you rather only eat your favorite food for the rest of your life, or
    never be able to eat your favorite food again?
  18. Would you rather be a policeman or a firefighter?
  19. Would you rather live without your phone for two weeks or your
    computer for a month?
  20. Would you rather have the world know about your finances or your love

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  • Past Questions and Experiences of PAF Initial Interview (Download)
  • Best Guide to Pass the Initial Interview of Army Navy and PAF (Download)


1. What is the ISSB interview?

The ISSB interview is the final selection process for candidates aspiring to become officers in the Pakistani armed forces. It assesses their mental, moral, and physical qualities.

2. How can I prepare for the ISSB interview?

To prepare, research the process, focus on physical fitness, develop leadership skills, practice time management, and maintain confidence.

3. Is dressing appropriately important for the ISSB interview?

Yes, dressing smartly shows respect for the interview process and reflects positively on your character.

4. What should I do after the ISSB interview?

After the interview, self-reflect on your performance, stay informed about military-related news, and prepare for future interviews if needed.

5. How important is honesty during the ISSB interview?

Honesty is highly valued by the ISSB. It’s essential to be truthful in your responses, even if it’s not what you think the board wants to hear.

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