Physics and mathematics

The Physics and Mathematics book written by Younas Academy Saghar is an essential resource for anyone looking to become Officer, Soldier, Airman, Airwoman, Sailor, or Civilian personnel in Pak Defence Forces like Army, Navy and PAF.

This comprehensive guide provides comprehensive knowledge on the topics of physics and mathematics that are tested during the initial tests for Army, Navy and PAF.

Moreover, the book helps individuals find the information they need quickly for passing initial academic tests for forces jobs. The Physics and Mathematics book by Younas Academy Saghar is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to join the armed forces.

Solved Questions of Physics and Mathematics Book

If you want to pass the initial academic tests of Physics and mathematics then you must learn this book because it helps to pass the papers of Physics and mathematics with 100% success. Efforts have been made to solve all queries so that you may become more confident bout your tests.

Physics Tests Preparation

In physics and mathematics tests first of all we shall discuss main and important topics including tests which are very important for Army, Navy and PAF initial academic tests and also both physics and mathematics tests are important for interview questions. lets discuss one by one below;

Physics Tests Guide (Part-1)

S.No Detail of the Mathematics TestVideoPDFPractice
1.Physics Test for MCQs-1VideoPDFOnline

Mathematics Tests Preparation

In physics and mathematics tests, we shall discuss mathematics on second one where each formula and questions related to Army, Navy or PAF initial tests will be discussed. If you wat to join Pak Defence Forces then you must learn all the tests carefully. PDF notes of Mathematics are also given for your personal learning.

Mathematics Tests Guide (Part-1)

S.No Detail of the TestVideoPDFPractice
1.Mathematics Test No – 01VideoPDFOnline

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