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The Pakistan Navy has introduced exciting career openings for women as Female Medical Technicians as part of the FMT Pak Navy Jobs 2023 Batch A-2024-(S). Those who are keen to pursue this opportunity can submit their applications via the Navy official website. This opportunity is available to females from all regions of Pakistan who have successfully completed their Matric and intermediate education. It offers young women a remarkable chance to embark on a long-term, uniformed career with the Pakistan Navy.

  • Last Date to Apply for Female Medical Technician (FMT) : 22 Oct, 2023

Below, you will find information on the qualification requirements for Pakistan Navy FMT Jobs, including the necessity of a Matric qualification, the process of online registration, specifics concerning the test and interview, as well as the selection process. Becoming a part of the Pakistan Navy as a Female Technician opens the door to the chance of serving one’s country. The Pakistan Navy consistently provides top-tier employment prospects for women, allowing them to play a significant role in the nation’s advancement through uniformed positions.

Join Female Medical Technician Jobs in Pak Navy Jobs 2023

If you want to join Pak Navy after matric then Female medical Technician jobs 2023 Batch A-2024-(S) is the best option for female in Pakistan because it gives complete job security and permanently do care throughout life. In this job only females who did matric (Science) with biology subject having minimum 65% marks in total can apply.

Basic Eligibility Criteria for FMT Jobs in Pak Navy Sailors

If you are a female and want to join Pakistan Navy as Female Medical Technician then you must have prerequisites which we call basic requirements that you must fulfill and then you can apply for online registration for FMT at official website of Pak Navy. Basic requirements for Female Medical Technician job are given below;

  • Age Requirement: Basic Age requirement for FMT Jobs is 16 to 20 years
  • Marital Status: Female must be unmarried and resident of Pakistan
  • Educational Qualification: Minimum qualification is Matric (Science) with Biology and having 65% marks in aggregate.
  • Height Requirement: Must be at least more than 4 feet and 8 inches in height (142.2 cm)

Test Pattern of Female Medical Technician in Pak Navy Jobs

If you are applying for FMT in Navy then following tests pattern will be followed in initial tests which must be qualified to get this job.

Basic FMT Navy Academic / Initial Tests:

Note: Sometime questions of Mathematics are to be included and sometime not. Moreover, best practices and FMT preparation may give you 100% success from this website.

Age Relaxation for Females in Pak Navy FMT Jobs 2023

Females who are applying for FMT jobs in Pak Navy have been given age relaxation while online registration at official website of Pak Navy;

  • Naval Shaheed (Daughter / Son): 02 years Age Relaxation with 15% marks relaxation in Martic
  • Naval Personnel (Serving / Retired): 01 Year age relaxation in upper age limit with 05% marks relaxation in Matric
  • Sindh / Baluchistan (Ethnic) Candidates): 01 Year age relaxation in upper age limit with 15% marks relaxation in Matric
  • Azad Jammu Kashmir: 01 age relaxation in upper age limit with 15% marks relaxation in Matric
  • Ex FATA/ PATA candidates: 01 year age relaxation in upper age limit with 15% marks relaxation in Matric
  • Candidates from Gilgit Baltistan: 01 year age relaxation in upper age limit with 15% marks relaxation in Matric

Join Pak Navy online Registration 2023 for Females in FMT Jobs

In 2023, the Pakistan Navy presents an unprecedented opportunity for the courageous women of our nation. Through a streamlined online registration process, a pioneering gateway has been unveiled, extending an invitation to those ready to challenge the status quo and embark on a voyage towards maritime excellence. This is not just recruitment; it is an opportunity to become trailblazers in a traditionally male-dominated domain.

In this era of digital advancement, each applicant steps into a future where the open seas become the canvas for their empowerment. Together, they will script a narrative of unwavering determination and resilience, leaving an indelible mark on the evolving chapters of the Pakistan Navy’s progressive journey. This call ushers in a new era where the boundaries of gender are transcended by an unwavering spirit of service and dedication.

Facilities To Join Pakistan Navy as FMT 2024

  • Free Medical Services for the whole life
  • Free Uniform during service
  • Free Accommodation during active service
  • 50% Discount on Railway and Airfare while serving in Pak Navy
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Selection Method for Female Medical Technician Jobs in Pak Nay

Intelligence Assessment

The initial phase of the Pakistan Navy’s Female Medical Technician (FMT) admission process involves an Intelligence Test conducted via computer-based e-testing. This test format includes multiple-choice questions covering both verbal and non-verbal aspects.

Academic Evaluation and Syllabus

Upon successful completion of the intelligence assessment, applicants are required to undertake academic evaluations in various subjects, including English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and General Knowledge.

Interviews and Medical Examination

In interview of FMT Jobs after passing initial academic tests, candidates are assessed in the following categories at Navy recruitment and Selection Centers;

  • Confidence in Communication
  • Subject Knowledge
  • General Knowledge abut Pak Navy and medical Field
  • Any Extra Skills related to Medical Field
  • Overall Groomed Personality for outlooking

Candidates who pass the academic tests will proceed to the interview stage and undergo initial medical examinations at designated recruitment centers. Medical examination is being taken in the following;

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Chest Size
  • Skin Diseases
  • Ears
  • Arms and Legs Angle
  • Flat Foot
  • Blood Test
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Eye-Sight

Personality Assessment

Female candidates who are deemed medically fit and successfully complete the interview process will participate in a personality assessment as the final step in the selection process.

Final Selection

A merit list is compiled for individuals who excel in all the aforementioned assessments. Those selected are then subjected to a comprehensive medical examination at the training facility in Karachi.

FMT Training

Chosen female candidates are formally invited to training sessions, with correspondence sent to their respective addresses.

Female Medical Technician FMT Uniform

During their duties, Female Medical Technicians wear the official White uniform of the Pakistan Navy.

Benefits to Join Pak Navy as an FMT

Service Benefits for Female Medical Technician

  • While in service, personnel will receive complimentary meals, housing, and uniforms. Moreover, they will enjoy access to free medical care for themselves, their immediate family, and their parents.

Marital Benefits for Female Medical Technician

  • Upon marriage, individuals will be entitled to accommodation and allowances. Additionally, they will qualify for a 50% discount on train and air travel fares.

Post-Retirement Opportunities for Female Medical Technician

  • Upon retiring, individuals will be presented with employment prospects within the Bahria Foundation.

How To Apply for FMT Navy Online Registration 2023

To initiate the application process for FMT Pak Navy Jobs online registration in 2023, please follow these guidelines:

  • Begin by visiting the official website of the Pakistan Navy, accessible at joinpaknavy.gov.pk.
  • On the homepage, find and select the “Registration” tab.
  • Within the registration section, choose the job category that matches your interests, whether civilian jobs or sailor jobs.
  • Proceed to complete the online registration form, providing accurate personal information, educational qualifications, and any mandatory details.
  • Make sure to upload a recent photograph of yourself and any required documents as specified.
  • After filling out the application form, submit it electronically.
  • Once submitted, you will receive a registration slip. We recommend downloading it for your records.

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Basic Ranks and Salary of Female medical Technicians in Navy

Basic ranks of FMT Sailors starts from Female Medical Technician-II and after basic military training in Pak Navy, salary of FMT starts from more than 35 thousands with allowances and free accommodation. Moreover detail of FMT ranks is given below which have an equal status as Male Sailors have in Pak Navy.

Non-Commissioned Navy Ranks of FMT

In non-commissioned FMT Navy ranks, first four ranks are included.

  1. Female Medical Technician-II
  2. Female Medical Technician-I
  3. Leading Female Medical Technician
  4. Female Medical Artificer-IV

FMT as Junior Commissioned Officers with Navy Ranks

In Junior Commissioned Officer Navy Ranks of FMT, three senior ranks are included.

  1. Chief Female Medical Technician-III
  2. Chief Female Medical Technician-II
  3. Chief Female Medical Technician-I

Basic Duties of Female Medical Technician in Pak Navy Jobs

After training, Female Medical Technicians have some of the basic duties in Navy hospitals:

  • Providing direct patient care, including administering medications, monitoring vital signs, and wound care
  • Educating patients and their families about their conditions and treatments
  • Working with other healthcare professionals to develop and implement care plans
  • Maintaining accurate medical records
  • Following safety protocols and procedures

In addition to these basic duties, Female Medical Technicians in Pak Navy hospitals may also be involved in:

  • Conducting research
  • Teaching nursing students
  • Providing administrative support
  • Participating in disaster relief and humanitarian missions

Female Medical Technicians play an important role in the Navy’s healthcare system. They are responsible for providing high-quality care to sailors and their families, both at home and abroad.

Here are some specific examples of tasks that a Female Medical Technician in a Navy hospital might perform:

  • Take patients’ vital signs, such as temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate.
  • Administer medications to patients, both orally and injectably.
  • Monitor patients’ progress and report any changes to their condition to the doctor.
  • Provide wound care to patients.
  • Educate patients and their families about their conditions and treatments.
  • Assist doctors with procedures, such as surgeries and examinations.
  • Maintain accurate medical records.
  • Follow safety protocols and procedures.

FMT in Pak Navy hospitals may also be involved in more specialized areas, such as:

  • Oncology nursing: caring for patients with cancer
  • Critical care nursing: caring for patients who are critically ill or injured
  • Pediatric nursing: caring for children
  • Obstetric nursing: caring for pregnant women and their newborns
  • Psychiatric nursing: caring for patients with mental health conditions

FMT in the Pak Navy have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of their patients. They play an important role in the navy’s healthcare system and are highly respected by their colleagues.

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FAQs about Female Medical Technicians Jobs 2023

What is FMT jobs?

FMT stands for Female Medical Technician. It is a non-officer cadre in the Pakistan Navy. FMTs are responsible for providing basic medical care to sailors and their families. They work in a variety of settings, including naval hospitals, dispensaries, and ships.

Who is eligible for Pak Navy FMT jobs?

To be eligible for Pak Navy FMT jobs, you must:

  • Be a Pakistani citizen
  • Be female
  • Be between the ages of 17 and 22
  • Be unmarried
  • Have a minimum educational qualification of Intermediate (FSc) in Pre-Medical
  • Be physically and mentally fit

What is the benefit of Pak Navy FMT?

FMTs in the Pakistan Navy enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Competitive salary and allowances
  • Free medical and dental care
  • Free accommodation and utilities
  • Travel and leave benefits
  • Educational and training opportunities
  • Career progression opportunities

Is FMT an Officer cadre in Pak Navy?

No, FMT is not an officer cadre in the Pakistan Navy. FMTs are non-commissioned officers (NCOs).

What is training duration of Female Medical technician in Pak Navy?

The training duration for Female Medical Technicians in the Pakistan Navy is 6 months. The training is conducted at the Naval Medical Institute (NMI) in Karachi.

What is starting rank of FMT in Pak Navy?

The starting rank of FMT in the Pakistan Navy is Female Medical Technician-II.

Which rank can be achieved by FMT sailors as an officer during Pak Navy service?

FMT sailors can achieve the rank of Honorary Lieutenant is an officer during their service in the Pakistan Navy.

What is starting pay scale of Female medical technicians?

The starting pay scale of Female Medical Technicians in the Pakistan Navy is around Rs. 35,000 per month or more with allowances.

How many seats are there in FMT jobs of Pak Navy?

The number of seats available for FMT jobs in the Pakistan Navy varies from year to year. However, it is generally around 50-100 seats.

Is there any ISSB for female technician jobs in Pak Navy?

No, there is no ISSB (Inter Services Selection Board), only psychological tests related to personality which are being taken in ISSB followed for female technician jobs in the Pakistan Navy. The Navy nursing interview is a comprehensive assessment of a candidate’s physical, mental, and psychological fitness for military service.

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