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Are you looking to join the army as a soldier? Joining the army requires more than just physical and mental strength, it also requires you to pass a series of tests that are designed to assess your skills and capabilities.

If you want to get best jobs in the Army, then you have to pass the initial tests which include a variety of topics, such as physical fitness, problem-solving, and knowledge of military operations and regulations. Being aware of the tests and their structure can help you to prepare for the selection process and increase your chances of success.

This article will provide an overview of the tests used for Army Soldier selection and the pattern followed in the selection process.

Syllabus of Army Soldiers in Army Jobs

Syllabus of Soldier tests include basic questions of Verbal Intelligence Tests, Non Verbal Intelligence tests, English, math, General Knowledge, islamic Studies, Urdu, Geography and Personality. In English tests, essay on any topic of at least 5 to 10 lines, Masculine Feminine, Singular Plural, translation from English to Urdu is included.

Test Pattern of Soldier Tests

S.No Subjects Papers Total Questions Total Time
1.Verbal & Non Verbal Intelligence Tests5015 Minutes
2.Academic Test (Written)6015 Minutes

Intelligence Tests

Intelligence Test includes verbal and Non verbal questions total 50 questions and time for questions is 15 minutes.

Academic Tests

In academic tests of Soldier jobs, total number of questions are 60 and total time is 15 minutes. Detail of questions is written below;

  • Total Questions of English = 10
  • Total Questions of Maths = 10
  • Total Questions of Urdu = 10
  • Total Questions of Pak Studies = 10
  • Total Questions of Gegraphy = 10
  • Total Questions from Islamic Studies = 10

In written tests, you must write down few lines on any given topic like “MY Father” and Translate English sentences into Urdu. Working for the military is an honour in soldier career. Joining the Army is dare to start jobs in the military.

army soldiers jobs

If you are searching best jobs in the military and want to become army weapon specialist then getting military job opportunities is the best option in military jobs. Benefits of joining the Army includes medical benefits and job security including pension and free accommodation is the best Army career in Army ranks and military branches.

Verbal Intelligence Tests

Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests

English Tests for Soldier Jobs

Maths Tests for Soldiers Jobs

General knowledge Tests for Soldier Jobs

Pak Studies Tests for Soldier Jobs

Islamic Studies Tests for Soldiers Jobs

Urdu Tests for Soldier Jobs in Pak Army

Every year, Army announces different vacancies in different military branches on matric, and intermediate basis through different public newspapers and online.

Main task of Army is to defend the country’s border. Moreover, Army takes part in different civil tasks with the collaboration of civil government.

Army ranks start from Sipahi to Chief of Army Army staff. For more Detail click here.

In the military, civilians are those personnel who do not wear proper uniform.

If you want to join Pak Army then inimum requirement is middle which is for sanitary workers, and matric fro sepahi and intermediate or above intermediate is for getting commission ranks service.

Army has different corps and units having different role and tasks like infantry, armed service, gunners, aviation and civil jobs as well.

Soldiers in Pak Army are being paid more than 35 thousands as their basic salary including different funds and arrears.

Soldiers always sacrifice their lives for their country and remain ready to defend the country with courage.

If you want to join military then always remain sincere with the forces and love the country. It is best way to serve the nation and your beloved country.

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