Military Ranks in Pakistan

Military Ranks in Order (Pakistan)

In Military ranks, there are three main Defence Forces; Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force.

Pakistan Army Ranks of Officers

Pakistan Defence Forces are organised according to ranks and designations. Here we shall present only the Army Ranks, Navy Ranks and Air Force Ranks. Army ranks in order are given below;

  1. Second Lieutenant 
  2. Lieutenant 
  3. Captain
  4. Major
  5. Lieutenant Colonel
  6. Colonel
  7. Brigadier
  8. Major General
  9. Lieutenant  General
  10. General
  11. Field Marshal
Army Ranks in order

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Pakistan Navy Ranks of Officers

Pakistan navy Officers have the following ranks;

  1. Midshipman
  2. Sub Lieutenant 
  3. Lieutenant 
  4. Lieutenant Commander
  5. Commander
  6. Captain
  7. Commodore
  8. Rear Admiral
  9. Vice Admiral
  10. Admiral
  11. Admiral of the Fleet
Navy Ranks insignia

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Pakistan Air Force Ranks of Officers

In Army ranking, Pakistan Air Force is at 3rd Number. Senior defence force in Pakistan is Army, then Navy and then PAF. Army rank structure is same as the other forces of Pakistan. PAF also have same ranks but with different names. Detail is given below;

  1. Pilot Officer
  2. Flying Officer
  3. Flight Lieutenant
  4. Squadron Leader
  5. Wing Commander
  6. Group Captain
  7. Air Commodore
  8. Air Vice Marshal
  9. Air Marshal
  10. Air Chief Marshal
  11. Marshal of Air Force
PAF ranks structure

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Comparison of Military Ranks

In all Pak Defence force, highest military rank is general Field Marshal who command on all forces. If we want to see the equal military ranks of Army, Navy and PAF then see the following chart and see comparison of each officer rank.

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forces ranks GK 3

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In military forces, every rank remains under the senior rank officer command. Even having the same ranks, command is to be given to the person having his army number senior than junior. Starting from a Soldier to General Field marshal, every person obeys orders of his seniors. See more Here.

In Pak Army Ranks, a Lieutenant is Junior than a Captain. In Navy, Captain is also senior than Lieutenant. See more detail Here.

A Colonel in Pak Army, or Equal ranks in Pak Navy and Pak Air Force become after 20 Years. It depends upon annual ACRs and qualifying examinations.

After basic training at military academies person has been awarded first rank just after the passing our parade. Them, gradually as per experience and length of service rank increase.

In Pak Navy, rank of Lieutenant Commander comes after 14 years of service with qualified examination and tests.

In Army Cadets at PMA Kakul academy, there are multiple ranks of cadets like sergeant mess, sergeant platoon, Sargent company, Sargent staff and everyone has his own duty with specific responsibilities.

In Pak navy Rank of Lieutenant is equal to Rank of Captain in Army and similarly equal to Flight Lieutenant in Pakistan Air Force.

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