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Welcome to PAF Logistics Branch permanent commission Jobs as an Officer which are basically for both male and female citizens of Pakistan. Applicants who want to join Pakistan Air Force as Logistics officer, may see here about eligibility criteria, test pattern and syllabus to prepare all initial tests here with all ISSB solved tests.

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) requires skilled professionals to manage its logistics operations effectively. Logistics Officers play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth flow of supplies, equipment, and materials necessary for the PAF’s missions. If you are interested in a career as a Logistics Officer in the PAF, it is essential to understand the eligibility criteria for this role.

Candidates are required to appear in the tests as per date given through online registration of PAF Official website Generally students are to pass the initial tests of Intelligence tests and academic tests related to the PAF Logistics branch.

Our experts advise to prepare all tests of PAF logistics branch as per the following syllabus and pattern if they want to achieve 100% success. All tests are computer based and there is 100% fairness in conducting online tests of logistics.

Online Registration Dates for PAF Logistics Officers (PC)

Start Date of Online Registration06 April, 2024
Last Date of Online Registration in PAF Logistics Branch13 April, 2024

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Types of Commission in PAF Logistics Branch

In each tests of PAF Logistics branch, passing percentage is at least 60%. Overall in the academic career, from matric to F.Sc, candidates must have more than 60% marks. If the candidate fails to get more than 60% marks in the initial tests then it will be considered failed.

There are two types of commission in Logistics branch of Pakistan Air Force.

  1. Logistics Officer at Intermediate level (Permanent Commission)
  2. Logistics Officer at Graduation level (Short Service Commission)

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Eligibility Criteria for PAF Logistics Officers (PC)

To be eligible for the position of Logistics Officer in the PAF, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Nationality: Only Pakistani citizens
  • Gender: Male Candidate
  • Age: Must be between 16 to 22 years
  • Height: 5 Feet 4 Inches (163 CM) [Check Your Weight Here]
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Educational Qualifications: Matric with first position and F.Sc Pre-Engg / Pre-Medical/ Computer Science or A-Level with Physics, Maths, Computer Science / Biology or FSc with Physics and any other two Subjects in Maths, Statistics, Computer Science and Biology having overall marks 60%.

In addition to the above criteria, candidates are required to possess strong organizational and leadership skills, as well as excellent problem-solving abilities. They should have a good understanding of logistics principles and be able to work efficiently in a fast-paced and challenging environment.

Training: Candidates complete 4 years of training at PAF Academy Risalpur, and awarded with degree of BS Aviation Science and Management from Air University, Islamabad.

15 logistic branch pc

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Basics Requirements of PAF Logistics Branch Selection

All candidates are required to read entire post for knowing detail of each steps and test pattern with sample pdf here online. Practice tests are also given which helps to know the individual scores whether he/she may pass the initial tests or not.

In the initial examination of PAF logistics branch tests, only one chance is being given to start the test, if the candidate fails to attempt in the first chance then he/ she will appear in the next badge. PAF announces her vacancies of PAF Logistics branch twice a year.

PAF gives only three chances to appear in the initial tests of PAF Logistics branch, otherwise he/she may apply in other branches of Navy or Pak Army.

Getting job in Logistics branch of PAF is the best opportunity here and also for all tests preparation.

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Syllabus for Logistics Officer at Intermediate Level

  1. Intelligence Tests
    • Verbal Intelligence Test
    • Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
  2. English Test
    • English Tests is comprised of grammar, parts of speeches, tenses, vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, idioms, pair of words, use of until, which, whose, who etc. Moreover, translation, narration, passive voice and words meanings.
  3. Physics Test
    • Physics test involves almost course of Matric to Intermediate level which includes, basic definition, laws, values, identities, dimensions, units, formulas, and relationship of different terms used in the physics.      

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Initial Tests Pattern of PAF Logistics Branch (PC)

Detail of Intelligence tests and Academic tests is given below;

Detail of PAF Logistics Officer Tests for Intermediate Candidates

Type of TestTotal MCQsTotal TimePassing %age
Intelligence Test10035 Min60 %
English Test10040 Min60 %
Physics Test7540 Min60 %

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On getting physical fitness, students are being given ISSB forms to submit in a specific days then candidates appear in the ISSB Kohat, Gujranwala or ISSB Malir where they stay for five days to complete the process.

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paf logistics branch

At graduation base, students first pass the intelligence tests, then they appear in the academic tests. On passing both tests, they are being given ISSB forms for further selection. Sometimes candidates are being assessed through psychological tests at the same selection centers.

After selection in shortlisting, candidates are asked for interview where students appear in front of panel board of selection committee. After recommendation by the board, students are requested to proceed for CMB from PAF base Lahore.

After getting clarification, students do wait for final merit list. After final selection students report PAF Academy Risalpur for final training.

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1. Verbal Intelligence Practice Tests

If you want to learn about Verbal Intelligence tests then see the tests below which contain different types of questions like; Word Formation, Coding-Decoding, Commonsense, Analogy, Jumbled Spellings, Jumbled words and pairing.

After understanding of the each question, you can find the practice tests which helps to analyse your scores about the preparation of Verbal intelligence tests. If scores come more than 95% than you can pass the tests easily.

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2. Non-Verbal Intelligence Practice Tests

Non-Verbal Intelligence tests are also very important as we consider Verbal Intelligence tests in the initial tests of logistics branch tests. These tests are equally essential for ISSB, Army, Navy and CSS examination.

We recommend you to prepare all tests given here if you want to prepare yourself 100% fully prepared for initial tests. Practice tests are also given here in which if you score more than 95% marks then it means you are fully prepared the Non-Verbal intelligence tests.

Students who are poor and can not afford academies they can learn here for free because this is totally beneficial for such students. Most of the students are getting benefits from it and they are getting 100% passing results. Here see the tests given below for understanding more in depth;

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  • See more academic tests Here.
  • PAF Logistics Branch Tests of Physics with Answers (Download)


Salary of PAF Logistics officer is same as other Officers of PAF are taking. Salary of the officer after passing out from PAF Academy Risalpur starts from more than 70k and then gradually increases as per annual increment and courses.

Nature of PAF Log officer is to manage all supply items as required by the organisation. He/ she manage all supply stores and fulfil the demand of each section whether it is related to aircraft or related to personnel. He / she remains personally responsible for all procurements in PAF.

PAF Logistics branch is permanent commission in Pakistan Air Force. Moreover, on the bass of graduation some personnel become officer through short service commission who remains upto the rank of Group Captain or above.

If you want to become logistics officer then you must have F.Sc or Graduation in BBA, Finance, or Supply Chain Management. There are two types of commission in Logistics branch. See above for detail.

Position of the log officer is different as per nature of the job but rank remain same as the other officers of PAF have. Normal rank of the log officer starts from the Flying Officer just after training and then become senior as per service requirements and experience.

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