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Aeronautical Engineering Branch Tests and Syllabus

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) offers a prestigious and challenging career path in the field of Aeronautical Engineering. The Aeronautical Engineering Branch of the PAF plays a vital role in ensuring the maintenance, repair, and development of advanced aircraft and aviation systems.

If you have a passion for engineering and aspire to serve your country, joining the Aeronautical Engineering Branch of the PAF can be a rewarding and fulfilling career choice. We will explore here the key aspects of the Aeronautical Engineering Branch in the PAF, including eligibility criteria, test pattern, syllabus, and selection procedure.

Pakistan Air Force announces vacancies every year for commissioned officers in Aeronautical branch Engineering who have done their F.Sc with pre-engineering with the subject of Chemistry. Students who have done A-Level with Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry (Having O-Level with 5 Subjects) can also apply in Aeronautical Engineering branch of Pakistan Air Force.

  • Start Date of Online Registration in Aeronautical Engineering: 06 April, 2024
  • Last Date of Online Registration in Aeronautical Engineering: 13 April, 2024

Note: It is mandatory for the students who have done their qualification with O-Level and A-Level must submit their equivalency certificate at the time of test because intermediate with Arts or Humanities groups are not allowed to appear the tests.

Before applying in Aeronautical branch, students must have studied the subjects of Chemistry, Mathematics, biology, Computer Science and Physics in O-Levels, otherwise they will not be allowed to sit in the examination of initial tests.

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Eligibility Criteria for Engineering Branch Officers

To be eligible for the Aeronautical Engineering Branch in the PAF, aspiring candidates must meet certain criteria. The eligibility criteria for the Aeronautical Engineering Branch are as follows:

  1. Nationality: Only Pakistani citizens are eligible to apply.
  2. Gender: Both male and female candidates can apply.
  3. Age: Candidates must be between 16 and 22 years of age. However, for candidates with exceptional qualifications or experience, the upper age limit may be relaxed up to 24 years.
  4. Height: 163 cm (5′ 4″) for Males and 147 cm (4′ 10″) for Females
  5. Marital Status: Only unmarried candidates are eligible to apply.
  6. Educational Qualifications: Candidates must have completed their Matric (First Division), Intermediate (FSc Pre-Engineering) with Chemistry, A-Level with Physics, Math and Chemistry, or equivalent with a minimum of 65% marks.

Total training for Aeronautical Engineering branch is 3 years at College of Aeronautical Engineering where they get BSc Engineering from NUST. These eligibility criteria are subject to change, and candidates are advised to visit the website for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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Test Papers and Syllabus of PAF Aeronautical Branch

  1. Intelligence Tests
  2. English Tests
  3. Maths Tests
  4. Physics Tests

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Test Pattern and Detail of Aeronautical Branch

If you want to know the total questions, total time and passing percentage marks in the Aeronautical Engineering branch then see the detail below;

Test TypeTotal QuestionsTotal TimePassing Marks
Intelligence Test10040 Min60%
English Test7535 Min60%
Maths Test5025 Min60%
Physics Test5025 Min60%
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The Role of Pakistan Air Force Aeronautical Engineering Branch

The primary role of the Pakistan Air Force Aeronautical Engineering Branch is to provide technical expertise and support for the entire lifecycle of aircraft and associated systems. From the initial design and development phase to maintenance, repair, and upgrades, the aeronautical engineers and technicians play a pivotal role in ensuring that the PAF’s aircraft operate at their peak performance. This branch also conducts research and development activities to incorporate cutting-edge technologies and enhance the capabilities of the PAF’s fleet.

Expertise and Authority of Aeronautical Engineering Officers

The aeronautical engg branch of the Pakistan Air Force boasts exceptional expertise and authority in the field of aviation engineering. The engineers and technicians undergo rigorous training and education to acquire specialized knowledge in aerodynamics, propulsion systems, materials science, avionics, and structural analysis.

This enables them to design, analyze, and troubleshoot complex systems and ensure the aircraft’s airworthiness. The PAF’s aeronautical engineering branch collaborates with renowned international institutions and experts, keeping abreast of the latest advancements in aviation technology.

Trust and Reliability

The Pakistan Air Force Aeronautical Engg Branch has earned a reputation for its trustworthiness and reliability. The engineers and technicians are entrusted with the critical responsibility of ensuring the safety and functionality of the PAF’s aircraft. By adhering to stringent protocols, conducting thorough inspections, and implementing comprehensive maintenance practices, the aeronautical engineering branch instills confidence in the PAF and maintains the highest standards of aviation safety.

Contributions of PAF Aeronautical Engineering Branch

The aeronautical engg branch of the Pakistan Air Force has made significant contributions to the advancement of aviation technology and the growth of the PAF. Through their expertise and innovation, the engineers have been involved in the development of indigenous aircraft projects, including the JF-17 Thunder. This branch also collaborates with international partners, enabling technology transfers and fostering mutual cooperation for the enhancement of aviation capabilities.

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An Aeronautical Engineer salary is same as the other Officers of Air Force are taking as per rank and experience. Normally salary of newly passed out officer start from more than 80 thousands and then gradually increases as per rank and experiences.

Basic role of aerospace engineers is to design, develop, testing aircraft, develop plane, satellites and missiles of aircraft. Moreover, they create prototypes to tests the functions according to the developed designs.

The definition of aeronautics can be explained as “It is a science or practicing to build or design flying aircraft.

Aeronautical Engineering is the name of system that remain behind the aircraft functioning and working. If a plane is well equipped with technologies then it is due to aeronautical engineering.

If any one want to become an aeronautical engineer then he/she must join Pakistan Air Force after doing FSc (Intermediate). For more detail click here.

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