Admin and Special Duty branch officers jobs

PAF Admin Officers in Admin & Special Duty Branch (PC)

PAF announces many vacancies every year about Admin Officers in Admin & Special Duty Branch. Basic role of an Admin Officer is to look after the administration of the bases. An admin officer just after PAF training from PAF Academy Risalpur.

Air force starting salary is more than seventy thousands after passing out and commissioned officers ranks start from Pilot Officer, Flying Officer, Flight Lieutenant, Squadron Leader, Wing Commander, Group Captain, Air Commodore, Air Vice Marshal, Air Marshal, marshal of Air Force.

  • Start Date of Online Registration in Admin 7 Special Duty Branch: 16 Aug, 2023
  • Last Date of Online Registration in Admin 7 Special Duty Branch: 24 Aug, 2023

Overall, at the base, Base Commander look after the whole base and looks all the matters who is answerable to the Air Vice Marshal of concerned zone. Those who join PAF get PAF medical free neither for themselves but also for the parents and family during the service.

During training, Warrant Officer or Drill Instructors train the trainees and prepare the cadets for military training. After retirements, PAF foundation which is Shaheen Foundation offers many welfare services to the retired personnel.

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Eligibility Criteria of Admin & Special Duty Branch (PC)

If you want to apply for PAF Admin Officers then you must fulfill the following criteria before applying at official website of Pakistan Air Force.

PC Admin and Special Duty

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Test Syllabus of Admin Officers and Special Duty Branch in PAF

If someone wants to become an admin officer in admin branch of PAF then they must prepare the following subjects for initial tests;

  1. Intelligence Test
  2. Academic Tests
  3. Pre-Medical (Check Required Weight Here)
  4. Pre-Interview
  5. ISSB Tests
  6. Final Medical through CMB at PAF Base Lahore
  7. Final Merit List at AHQ and Call Letter to report in Risalpur Academy

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Verbal Intelligence tests include questions related to; Series, Matching, Pair of Words, Analogies, Coding, Jumbled Spellings, Algebraic techniques, Ratio, common sense, and age related questions.

Non-Verbal Intelligence tests includes different images having analogies and pattern questions with minor similarities and odd one out questions.

English tests include parts of speech, grammar, synonyms, antonyms, direct and indirect, passive voice, singular plurals, masculine and feminine and translations with some questions of fill in the blanks as per sense of the sentence.

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Test Pattern of Admin & Special Duty Branch in Pakistan Air Force

If you want to know about the total questions, total time, passing percentage of academic papers and in intelligence tests then see below in detail;

Type of TestTotal Questions Total Time Passing %age
Intelligence Test10040 Min60%
English Test7535 Min60%
Physics Test5020 Min60%
admin officers

Sample Tests of Verbal Intelligence for Admin Officers

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Sample Tests of Non-Verbal Intelligence for Admin Officers

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Sample Solved MCQs of English Tests for Admin Officers

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Sample Solved MCQs of Physics Papers for Admin Officers


Junior rank in Air Force is Senior Aircraftman who is called the lowest rank in Airman. In officers, the lower most rank is Pilot Officer.

Air Force officers earn more than seventy thousands Pakistani Rupees in a month as a starting salary, then it increases annually and as per course qualifications.

Wing Commander rank in Pakistan Air Force is the higher rank as compared to the rank of Squadron Leader.

Flight Lieutenant is a rank which is given to every officer in Pakistan Air Force. Duties of each officer is different as per field and branch of Air Force.

On taking commission in PAF, rank of Flight Lieutenant is given to every officer as per rank policy.

In Airman ranks start from Senior Aircraftman and in Officers ranks start from Pilot Officers. For more detail Click Here.

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