Special Pak Navy branch of Psychologists

Pak Navy Special Branch of Psychologists

The Pak Navy Special Branch of Psychologists through Short Service Commission is an esteemed career path that combines psychological expertise with military service. These psychologists play a crucial role in supporting the mental well-being and performance of naval personnel.

In this comprehensive article, we delve into the various aspects of this unique career, including eligibility criteria, job responsibilities, and the impact these professionals have on the Pak Navy. Whether you are aspiring to be a psychologist in the Navy or simply curious about this field, this article aims to provide valuable insights and shed light on the critical role played by these professionals.

  • Start Date of Online Registration in Navy Special Branch (Psychologists): 26 May, 2024
  • Last Date of Online Registration of Psychologists in Navy Special Branch: 09 June, 2024

Eligibility Criteria of Pak Navy Psychologists Job

The Pak Navy Special Branch of Psychologists through Short Service Commission is a specialized division within the Pakistan Navy that comprises trained psychologists. These psychologists are recruited through the Short Service Commission, which allows them to serve for a limited duration while making significant contributions to the mental well-being and performance of naval personnel.

They employ their expertise in psychological assessments, counseling, and research to ensure the overall resilience and effectiveness of the Navy’s human resources. If you want to apply for Commission Officer in Pak Navy through Short Service Commission as a Psychologist then you must fulfill the following conditions / criteria.

  • Age Limit: 20- 26 Years (On the first day of month in which a candidate joins the training establishment or a specific date promulgated by NHQ)
  • Height: Male (5’4″ or 162.5 cm) and Female (5’, or 152.4 cm)
  • Physical Fitness: Prospective candidates must meet the physical fitness standards set by the Pakistan Navy.
  • Nationality: Only Pakistani citizens can apply for this commission.
  • Educational Qualifications: Applicants should have a minimum of a Master’s degree in Psychology from a recognized university. Specializations in clinical, counseling, or organizational psychology are highly valued.

Test Pattern for Navy Psychologists Initial Tests

Following test pattern is being used by Pak Navy through Shot Service Commission every year, in which candidates have to follow the test series to pass the initial stage.

  1. Intelligence Test (100 Question in 40 Min and Pass marks are 50%)
  2. Academic Test (Total 75 Questions in 35 Min with pass Mark 50%)

Syllabus of Psychologists Initial Tests in Pak Navy

Main topics which have been covered in the academic paper of psychologist are given below;

1. Introduction to Psychology: An overview of the field of psychology, its history, major theories, and key concepts.

2. Biological Bases of Behavior: Study of the brain, nervous system, and how they influence behavior and mental processes.

3. Developmental Psychology: The study of human development across the lifespan, including physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional changes.

4. Cognitive Psychology: Examination of mental processes such as memory, perception, thinking, and problem-solving.

5. Social Psychology: Exploration of how social influences impact individual behavior, attitudes, and beliefs.

6. Abnormal Psychology: Study of psychological disorders, their classification, causes, and treatment approaches.

7. Personality Psychology: Analysis of different theories of personality and how individual differences impact behavior.

8. Research Methods in Psychology: Introduction to research design, data collection, and analysis methods used in psychological studies.

9. Psychological Testing: Understanding psychological assessment, including intelligence and personality testing.

10. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Exploration of psychological principles applied to workplace settings, including employee motivation, leadership, and organizational behavior.

11. Educational Psychology: Study of learning theories, instructional methods, and factors influencing learning outcomes.

12. Health Psychology: Understanding the connection between psychology and physical health, including stress, coping mechanisms, and health behavior.

13. Counseling Psychology: Introduction to counseling theories and techniques used in therapeutic interventions.

14. Neuropsychology: Examination of the relationship between brain function and behavior, particularly in cases of brain injury or neurological disorders.

15. Human Development and Behavior in Pakistan: An examination of cultural and societal influences on human behavior specific to Pakistan.

SSC Jobs in Pak navy

FAQs about Naval Psychologists Jobs

A: To apply, you must meet the eligibility criteria and submit your application through the official Pakistan Navy website during the designated recruitment period.

A: Specializations in clinical, counseling, and organizational psychology are highly valued for this commission.

A: No, psychologists in the Pak Navy Special Branch primarily focus on providing psychological support and assessments and do not have combat roles.

A: Psychologists contribute to the Navy’s efficiency by enhancing mental resilience, providing counseling services, and promoting a positive psychological climate.

A: Yes, female psychologists who meet the eligibility criteria can also apply for the Short Service Commission in the Pak Navy.

A: The duration of the Short Service Commission for psychologists in the Pak Navy is typically between five to seven years.

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