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Tests Pattern | Syllabus of LCC (Lady Cadet Course)

Every woman has equal dreams of achieving success and making valuable contributions to their country, just like men. In order to provide them with this opportunity, the Pak Army has introduced the Lady Cadet Course (LLC), allowing ladies to join as captains. This article will provide you with the necessary information regarding the registration process and eligibility criteria for joining Pak Army as a captain through the Lady Cadet Course.

  • Last date of Lady Cadet Course Online Registration = 09 July, 2024

If you are a talented and ambitious woman with a deep desire to serve your country, the Pakistan Army offers an incredible opportunity for you to join as a captain through the Lady Cadet Course (LCC). In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about the eligibility criteria, selection process, and positions available for lady cadets. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge required to pursue a successful career in the Pakistan Army.

Females who are unmarried, age 28 Years, Pakistani national, having minimum height of 5 inches and eyesight 11/82 can become an Officer in Pak Army through LCC (Lady Cadet Course).

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Selection Procedure for Female Officer through LCC

In Lady Cadet Course Eligibility criteria, following procedure is being followed for becoming an officer in Pak Army Lady Cadet Course. Female candidates must pass several processes to join Pak Army through Lady Cadet Course (LCC). The selection process is as follows:

  1. Online Registration: It is to be done at official website of Pak Army
  2. Online Tests: Three stages, consisting of Verbal, Non-Verbal, and Academic tests.
  3. Physical Test: Includes a 1.6km running within 14 minutes.
  4. Preliminary Medical Tests: Assessing age, height, weight, eyesight, running of 1.4km (in 14 Minutes) and other factors.
  5. Initial Interview: Conducted for candidates who pass the medical tests.
  6. ISSB: A five-day process involving reporting, tests, and interviews.
  7. Final Medical: It is being conducted to the nearest CMH of the Candidate
  8. Final Call Letter: It is being issued from GHQ to the Selected candidate.
  9. Bond: Selected candidates must sign a minimum 7-year service agreement.

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Initial Tests Pattern and Syllabus of LCC

After online registration when candidate reports at the Selection center then she must have necessary documents (Original and one set of photocopies attested). Following tests are being taken from the females.

  1. Intelligence Tests (100 MCQs in 35 Min & Passing Marks are 50%)
  2. Academic Test (Total Question: 75, Total Time: 30 Mins, Passing Marks=50%) 

Note: Academic test contains questions related to your degree in which you will apply in Lady Cadet Course.

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lcc in Pak Army

General Eligibility Criteria for Lady Cadet Course (LCC)

To be eligible for the Lady Cadet Course (LCC), you need to meet specific criteria set by the Pakistan Army. Here are the key requirements:

  • You must hold a 4-year Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 in the semester system or 60% marks in the annual system.
  • Candidates with an MPhil or MS degree will be given priority during the selection process.
  • The Lady Cadet Course (LCC) is exclusively open to female candidates. Unfortunately, there are no seats available for male candidates in this particular course.
  • Unmarried, separated, widowed, or divorced females without encumbrances are eligible to apply.
  • You must be a Pakistani national, and even individuals holding domiciles of Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir are eligible to apply.
  • Candidates with dual nationalities must surrender their non-Pakistani nationalities to join the Pakistan Army.
  • The height requirement for candidates is 5 feet (152.4 cm).
  • Weight must be in accordance with the body mass index (BMI) standards set by the Pakistan Army.

Specific Eligibility Criteria for Cores in Lady Cadets Course

The Lady Cadet Course (LCC) offers various positions for aspiring female officers. Here are some of the positions you can apply for:

1. Corps of Engineers

2. Corps of Signals (Sig)

3. Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engg

  • Age Requirement: Candidates must be 28 years old.
  • Education Requirement:
    • BE in Bio Medical Engineering

4. Corps of Signals/ Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers / ICTO

5. Aviation Fleet Management Directorate (AFM) Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers / ICTO

6. Corps of Ordnance

  • Age Requirement: Candidates must be 28 Years Old.
  • Education Requirement:
    • BE / BS in Textile Engineering

7. Army Service Corps (ASC)

8. Army Education Corps (AEC)

  • Age Requirement: Must not be more than 28 years
  • Educational Requirements:
    • BS / MA in English (16 Years of Education)
    • BS / MSc Maths (16 Years of Education)

Physical Tests of LCC

In physical tests of LCC, candidates are to undergo for 1.6 km running for which they have to pass in 14 minutes.

ISSB Tests of LCC

Those candidates who will pass all the preliminary tests including physical tests, they will be given ISSB form to proceed further. For more preparation Click Here. For self personality assessment, contact at whatsapp No 03348480890

Current Advertisement of Lady Cadet Course

join pak army through lcc

Related Notes and PDF Tests for Lady Cadet Course Syllabus

Verbal Intelligence MCQsNon-Verbal Intelligence MCQsElectrical Engineering MCQs
Supply Chain ManagementElectronics Engg MCQsMechanical Engg MCQs
Computer Science MCQsGIS and RS MCQsHR Management
Peace & Conflict StudiesBusiness Marketing MCQsSystem Engineering MCQs
Electrical Telecom MCQsCyber Security MCQsComputer Engineering MCQs
Information Security MCQsCivil Engineering MCQsEnvironmental Engg MCQs
Cloud Computing MCQsChemical Engineering MCQsJournalism MCQs
Town Planning MCQsSoftware Engineering MCQsDefence & Strategic Studies
Artificial Intelligence MCQsMedia Studies MCQsInternational Relations MCQs
Data Administration MCQsBig Data Analytics MCQsBusiness Finance MCQs
Management Sciences MCQsFinancial Management MCQsProject Management MCQs
Avionics Engineering MCQsMetallurgical MCQsFinancial Management MCQs
Aero Space EngineeringFilm & TV ProductionGeography MCQs
Computer Science MCQsFood Sc & Human NutritionMechatronics Engg MCQs
Space Sciences MCQsFundamental ProgrammingNuclear Studies MCQs
Nano Sciences/ Material Sc

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Lady Cadet Course – A Gateway to a Fulfilling Career

Joining the Pakistan Army as a captain through the Lady Cadet Course (LCC) opens up a world of opportunities for talented and dedicated women. The course provides comprehensive training at the prestigious Pakistan Military Academy, empowering you with the skills and knowledge required to serve your country effectively.

Through the Lady Cadet Course, you not only have the chance to fulfill your dreams of contributing to the prosperity and security of Pakistan but also to be a role model for future generations of women in the armed forces.


The Lady Cadet Course (LCC) is a prestigious and challenging opportunity for talented women to join the Pakistan Army as captains. By fulfilling the eligibility criteria, going through the selection process, and demonstrating your dedication, you can embark on a rewarding career dedicated to the service and security of your nation.

Remember, the Lady Cadet Course not only provides you with a chance to contribute to your country but also enables personal growth, leadership development, and the opportunity to inspire others. Seize this opportunity, apply for the Lady Cadet Course, and take the first step towards an extraordinary journey of patriotism and excellence in the Pakistan Army.

Join us today and become a proud member of the Pakistan Army through the Lady Cadet Course (LCC)!

Apply now and shape your future in the service of your country.


Female can join Pak Army through lady Cadet Course till the age of 28 Years if she is unmarried yet.

Females can apply for the department of ISPR through lady Cadet Course if they have their master degree in International Relations or Journalism.

Yes, those female who are in the last semester of their concerned degree as mentioned in the advertisement of Lady Cadet Course can apply on the hope certificate which may be taken from the concerned department of University or College.

In Lady Cadet Course there is no vacancy for BS Hons with Human Nutrition and Dietetics. For more detail CLICK HERE.

In Pakistan Army, Lady Cadet Course there is no such vacancy regarding Psychology but for females can apply in education branch of Pakistan Air Force and also in Education branch of Pakistan navy as a Psychologist.

In Pakistan Army Lady Cadet Course, female can apply if they have Master degree in Media Studies, Journalism, International Relations in ISPR easily.

Female can become a Captain in the Army through Armed Forces Nursing services if they have age over 18 and with an Intermediate qualification. Otherwise female must have master degree in the relevant subjects. For more detail CLICK HERE.

A young woman who have degree of BA, BSc, or Master can join Pakistan Army through Lady Cadet Course, Education Branch of PAF, and Education Branch of Pak Navy. For more detail visit

Lady Cadet Course is commissioned branch service of Pak Army for females who have done bachelor degree or Master degree in multiple subjects. Basic rank of Captain is being awarded to females.

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