Fine Intelligence Book

The Fine Intelligence Book written by Younas Academy Saghar is a comprehensive guide for individuals wanting to join the Pak Army, Pak Navy and Pakistan Air Force. It provides in-depth knowledge on the selection criteria and processes used by the armed forces.

It also offers advice on how to prepare for the initial tests and gain an edge in the competition. The book also contains practice tests and exercises to help individuals assess their current level of knowledge and further refine their skills.

This Fine intelligence book is the ideal resource for those looking to gain a better understanding of the requirements for admission. It covers all the topics related to the selection process, such as leadership, communication and problem-solving skills.

The fine intelligence book also provides tips and strategies to help individuals excel in the tests. The Fine Intelligence Book by Younas Academy Saghhar is an importance guide for anyone looking to join the Pak Armed Forces.

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Fine Intelligence Book is Famous for Army Navy PAF

1. Verbal Intelligence Tests

Solved questions of Fine Intelligence Book are given here. if you want to prepare intelligence tests including Verbal and Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests then must study this book for getting 100% results. Solution of each question which is given in fine intelligence book has been explained comprehensively.

Fine Intelligence Book which is written by Younas Academy, Talagang for the students who want to join Pak Army, Pak Navy or Pakistan Air Force as an Officer, PN Cadet, Logistics Branch, GD(P), GDMOs, ICTOs, Captain, Soldier, Sailors, Airman, Airwoman, FMA (Female Medical Assistant), FMT (Female Medical Technician) or Civilian then all tests of verbal and Non-verbal intelligence tests are very helpful for clearing initial tests.

If you want to learn about basic intelligence tests then in the following tests are given in video, pdf and for online practice. It will give you much help to pass intelligence test.

S.NoName of the TestVideoPDF Practice
1.Verbal Intelligence Test No-1VideoPDFOnline
2.Verbal Intelligence Test No-2VideoPDFOnline
3.Verbal Intelligence Test No-3VideoPDFOnline
4.Verbal Intelligence Test No-4VideoPDFOnline
5.Verbal Intelligence Test No-5VideoPDFOnline
6.Verbal Intelligence Test No-6VideoPDFOnline
7.Verbal Intelligence Test No-7VideoPDFOnline
8.Verbal Intelligence Test No-8VideoPDFOnline
9.Verbal Intelligence Test No-9VideoPDFOnline
1.0Verbal Intelligence Test No-10VideoPDFOnline
11.Verbal Intelligence Test No-11VideoPDFOnline
12.Verbal Intelligence Test No-12VideoPDFOnline
13.Verbal Intelligence Test No-13VideoPDFOnline
14.Verbal Intelligence Test No-14VideoPDFOnline
15.Verbal Intelligence Test No-15VideoPDFOnline
16.Verbal Intelligence Test No-16VideoPDFOnline
17.Verbal Intelligence Test No-17VideoPDFOnline
18.Verbal Intelligence Test No-18VideoPDFOnline
19.Verbal Intelligence Test No-19VideoPDFOnline
20.Verbal Intelligence Test No-20VideoPDFOnline
21.Verbal Intelligence Test No-21VideoPDFOnline
22.Verbal Intelligence Test No-22VideoPDFOnline
23.Verbal Intelligence Test No-23VideoPDFOnline
24.Verbal Intelligence Test No-24VideoPDFOnline
25.Verbal Intelligence Test No-25VideoPDFOnline
26.Verbal Intelligence Test No-26VideoPDFOnline
27.Verbal Intelligence Test No-27VideoPDFOnline
28.Verbal Intelligence Test No-28VideoPDFOnline
29.Verbal Intelligence Test No-29VideoPDFOnline
30.Verbal Intelligence Test No-30VideoPDFOnline
31.Verbal Intelligence Test No-31VideoPDFOnline
32.Verbal Intelligence Test No-32VideoPDFOnline
33.Verbal Intelligence Test No-33VideoPDFOnline
34.Verbal Intelligence Test No-34VideoPDFOnline
35.Verbal Intelligence Test No-35VideoPDFOnline
36.Verbal Intelligence Test No-36VideoPDFOnline
37.Verbal Intelligence Test No-37VideoPDFOnline
38.Verbal Intelligence Test No-38VideoPDFOnline
39.Verbal Intelligence Test No-39VideoPDFOnline
40.Verbal Intelligence Test No-40VideoPDFOnline

2. Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests

Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests are the part of main intelligence test in any initial test of Pak Army, Pak Navy, Pakistan Air Force and all other initial academic tests of military forces in Pakistan and overall in all military forces of the world. If you want to achieve 100% success and pass result then do focus on Non-Verbal intelligence mcqs of “Fine Intelligence Book” because these questions support in passing main intelligence test.

In the following, Non-Verbal Intelligence tests are given in the form of video, pdf and online practice which are totally related to the “Fine Intelligence Book” by Younas Academy Talagang which are totally solved and explained with the help of each video. All videos, pdf and online practice for Non-Verbal intelligence tests is free.

S.NoDetail of TestsVideoPDFPractice
1.Non-Verbal Intelligence Test-1VideoPDFOnline
2.Non-Verbal Intelligence Test-2VideoPDFOnline
3.Non-Verbal Intelligence Test-3VideoPDFOnline
4.Non-Verbal Intelligence Test-4VideoPDFOnline
5.Non-Verbal Intelligence Test-5VideoPDFOnline
6.Non-Verbal Intelligence Test-6VideoPDFOnline
7.Non-Verbal Intelligence Test-7VideoPDFOnline
8.Non-Verbal Intelligence Test-8VideoPDFOnline
9.Non-Verbal Intelligence Test-9VideoPDFOnline
10.Non-Verbal Intelligence Test-10VideoPDFOnline

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FAQs about Verbal & Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests

A complete series of verbal intelligence tests is given in “Fine Intelligence book” for full preparation of intelligence tests of forces. It may be series of numbers, words categories or codding type questions.

Verbal IQ score more than 120 is being considered as good score. Although more than 80% score is better for having merits jobs in Pak military forces.

verbal test of intelligence is basically used to test mathematical skills of the candidate so that he/she may perform better in military forces.

Through verbal intelligence tests, a candidate can be judged for his/her personality regarding IQ more quickly.

In verbal intelligence tests as explained in the Fine Intelligence Book are some how difficult only those which are having long statements and overall those consumes time of the individuals.

Verbal intelligence tests means to test the individuals for their capacity to write, think and perform quickly in a very short time.

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