English MCQs Test with answers

English MCQs Tests for Army Initial Tests

If you want to join Pakistan Army as a Commissioned officer, Captain through Short Service Commission SSC, DSSC, PMA Long Course, AFNS, LCC, TCC, AEC (Army Education Corps), Education Officers, Soldiers or as an Army Civilian then following English MCQs tests for Army initial tests.

  • Synonym of abundant is                    (plentiful)
  • Antonym of ascend is                    . (descend)
  • Synonym of enhance is                    .  (improve)
  • Synonym of alleviate is                    .  (relieve)
  • Synonym of ample is                    .   (sufficient)
  • Synonym of augment is                    (increase)
  • Synonym of meticulous is                    . (thorough)
  • Identify the correct spelling  _____. (Occasion)
  • Identify the correct spelling  _____. (Embarrass)
  • Synonym of facilitate is                    (enable)
  • Synonym of profound is                    (deep)
  • Synonym of expedite is                    (accelerate)
  • Antonym of disposed is                    . (unwilling)
  • Antonym of expand is                    . (contract)
  • Antonym of acquire is                    .  (relinquish)
  • Antonym of diligent is                    .  (lazy)

More English MCQs Tests for Army tests are given below to get 100% pass result.

Online Free English MCQs Tests with Answers

More English MCQs tests for AFNS, PMA long course, TCC and other commissioned officer tests are given below;

  • “He’s always trying to be the center of attention. He likes to _____.”  (steal the show)
  • “She’s really good at convincing people. She knows how to _____.”  (talk someone into something)
  • Antonym of obscure is                    .  (clear)
  • Antonym of diminish is                    .  (increase)
  • Antonym of ancient is                    .  (modern)
  • Antonym of optimistic is                    . (pessimistic)
  • Antonym of temporary is                    . (permanent)
  • Synonym of commence is                    .  (begin)
  • Synonym of intricate is                    .  (complex)
  • Antonym of abundant is                    . (scarce)
  • Antonym of humble is                    . (arrogant)
  • Antonym of obscure is                    . (well-known)
  • “Where are you going ____” asked Tom.   (?)
  • The cat is very friendly _____ it loves to be petted.  ( 😉
  • I have a lot of work to do _____ I will need to stay late.   ( , (comma))
  • The bookshelf was filled with various items: books, magazines, and _____.  ( -)
  • The concert starts at 7:00 p.m. _____ make sure to arrive on time. ( . (period))
  • “I can’t believe it!” she exclaimed _____ as she opened the gift.  ( ! (exclamation )mark)
  • The recipe calls for the following ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs, and _____.  (: (colon))
  • The meeting has been rescheduled _____ it will now take place on Tuesday.  ( ; (semicolon))
  • “I’ll be there in five minutes,” he said _____ as he hurried out the door.  (, (comma))
  • The bus arrived late _____ causing many passengers to be frustrated.  ( – (dash))
  • “Please remember to bring your ID _____” reminded the security guard.  ( . (period))
  • The instructions were clear: follow the steps carefully _____ or the result might be disastrous.  ( ; (semicolon))
  • “I’m sorry, I can’t come to the party,” she said _____ with a disappointed expression.  ( , (comma))

See more English MCQs tests for initial academic tests of Pakistan Army below.

Pak Army Initial English MCQs Tests Online

More English MCQs tests are given to pass the initial tests of Pak Army Commissioned Officers jobs.

  • Synonym of formidable is                    .  (challenging)
  • Synonym of elated is                    (thrilled)
  • The sign read: “No parking _____ violators will be towed.”  ( ; (semicolon))
  • “Hurry up!” shouted the coach _____ as the team ran onto the field.  ( ! (exclamation mark))
  • “He’s feeling under the weather, so he decided to _____ today.”  (take a rain check)
  • “I’m not sure if she’ll be able to keep her promise, but _____.” (time will tell)
  • “He’s always daydreaming and never pays attention. He has his _____ in the clouds.”  (head)
  • “She’s very good at keeping secrets. You can _____ her.”  (count on)
  • “He’s always telling funny stories. He really knows how to _____.” (crack a joke)
  • “I’m feeling nervous about the exam, but I’ll _____ it out.”  (tough)
  • “She’s always busy and never has time to relax. She’s always _____.” (on the go)
  • “I didn’t expect him to arrive so early. He _____ me off guard.”  (caught)
  • “She’s been working hard for months. It’s time for her to _____.” (take a break)
  • “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Just _____.”  (hang in there)
  • “I’m sorry, I can’t make it to the party. I have to _____ an important meeting.” (attend)
  • “He’s always taking risks. He really likes to _____.”  (live on the edge)
  • “I’m feeling overwhelmed with work. I need to _____ and relax.” (take a breather)
  • Synonym of diminish is                    (reduce)
  • Synonym of prosperous is                    . (successful)
  • The letter _____ by the secretary yesterday.  (was written)
  • They _____ the new project next week.    (will start)
  • The cake _____ by my sister for my birthday.  (was baked)
  • The company _____ a new product next month.  (will launch)
  • The car _____ in the parking lot.  (is parked)
  • The report _____ to the manager for review.  (was submitted)
  • The children _____ to the park by their parents.  (were taken)
  • The novel _____ by the author last year.  (was published)
  • The window _____ open by the wind.  (was blown)
  • The concert _____ by thousands of fans.  (was attended)
  • The book _____ on the shelf.  (is placed)
  • The package _____ by the courier this morning.  (was delivered)
  • The team _____ for their hard work.  ( was praised)
  • The documents _____ by the lawyer for the trial.  (will be prepared)
  • The message _____ to all employees.  (was sent)
  • I _____ my homework before going to bed. (completed)
  • She _____ to the store to buy some groceries.  (went)
  • The cat _____ on the mat.  ( is sitting)
  • They _____ a movie at the cinema last night.  ( watched)
  • The students _____ studying for the exam.  (have been)
  • My brother _____ his bicycle to school every day.  (rides)
  • The book _____ on the table since yesterday.  (has been)
  • She _____ the guitar in the band.  (plays)
  • We _____ a lot of fun at the party.  (had)

Online Free Army English MCQs Tests for PMA, Education Branch of Army, TCC, and other tests of initial academic Army Tests. See more English MCQs tests for Free preparation of Army Tests.

Pakistan Army Initial Tests of English MCQs Tests Free

More practice tests of English MCQs tests are given below for Army Tests.

  • The dog _____ happily in the park.  (is running)
  • I _____ my keys. Can you help me find them?  (lost)
  • They _____ to visit their grandparents next weekend.  (are planning)
  • The teacher _____ the students a math problem to solve.  (gave)
  • He _____ his car in the parking lot.  (parked)
  • We _____ English for two years.  (have been studying)
  • The book is _____ the table.  (on)
  • She lives _____ her parents.  (with)
  • The cat is sitting _____ the chair.  (on)
  • The ball rolled _____ the hill.  (down)
  • The children played _____ the park.  (in)
  • The keys are _____ the drawer.  (in)
  • They went swimming _____ the lake.  (in)
  • The bird flew _____ the sky.  (through)
  • The restaurant is located _____ the corner.  (on)
  • He walked _____ the street.  (across)
  • Cat is to meow as dog is to _____.  (bark)
  • Circle is to round as square is to _____.  (square)
  • Nurse is to hospital as teacher is to _____.  (school)
  • Pen is to write as brush is to _____.  (paint)
  • Flower is to petal as tree is to _____.  (leaf)
  • Book is to read as movie is to _____.  (watch)
  • Shoe is to foot as glove is to _____.  (hand)
  • Sun is to day as moon is to _____.  (night)
  • Car is to road as boat is to _____.  (water)
  • Doctor is to stethoscope as chef is to _____.  (spatula)
  • Fork is to eat as broom is to _____.  (sweep)
  • Chair is to sit as bed is to _____.  (sleep)
  • Key is to lock as phone is to _____.  (call)
  • Map is to navigate as compass is to _____.  (direct)
  • Teacher is to educate as student is to _____.  (learn)
  • Identify the correct spelling  _____.   (Accommodate)
  • Identify the correct spelling  _____.  (Receive)
  • Antonym of flexible is                    . (rigid)
  • Antonym of generous is                    (stingy)
  • Identify the correct spelling  _____. (Necessary)
  • Identify the correct spelling  _____. (Separate)
  • Identify the correct spelling  _____.  (Disappoint)
  • Identify the correct spelling  _____. (Conscience)
  • Identify the correct spelling  _____.  (Misspell)
  • Identify the correct spelling  _____. (Rhythm)
  • Identify the correct spelling _____. (Accomplish)
  • Identify the correct spelling  _____. (Definitely)
  • Identify the correct spelling  _____. (Privilege)
  • Identify the correct spelling _____. (Consistent)
  • Identify the correct spelling  _____. (Separate)

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