Algebra MCQs of mathematics tests for Army Navy PAF jobs

Algebra MCQs with Answers

Algebra MCQs with answers are a major part of the Army, Navy, and Pakistan Air Force’s initial academic exams. The significant subject of mathematics is covered by these thoughtfully chosen algebra multiple-choice questions, which are a crucial component of the math assessments given in several military branches.

Strong algebraic foundation is required for all branches of the Navy, including the Navy Supply Branch, Navy Operation Branch, and PN Cadets. Aspiring candidates can improve their mathematics abilities and efficiently prepare for their exams by practicing these algebra multiple-choice questions. The purpose of these questions is to evaluate candidates’ comprehension of algebraic ideas and make sure they are ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

Algebra MCQs (Part-1)

  • The equation (x+1)2-x2=0 has the  ________ number of real roots. (1)
  • The root of 100x2 – 20x + 1 = 0 is  ________.  (1/10 and 1/10)
  • The sum of the two numbers is 27 and the product is 182. The numbers are  ________. (13 and 14)
  • If ½ is the root of the quadratic equation x2-mx-5/4 =0, then the value of m is  ________.  (-2)
  • The height of a right-angled triangle is 7 cm less than its base. If the hypotenuse is 13 cm, the other two sides of the triangle are equal  ________.  (Base = 12 cm and height = 5 cm)
  • The roots of the locus equation 2x2 + x + 4 = 0 are  ________.  (No real roots)
  • 6+6+6……… value is  ________.  (3)
  • The sum of turns of Rehman’s age 3 years ago and after 5 years is 1/3. Rehman’s current age is  ________.  (7)
  • The train travels at a constant speed of 360 km. If the speed were 5 km/h higher, it would take 1 hour less to cover the same distance. The speed of the train is  ________. (40 km/h)
  • If one root of the equation 4x2-2x+k-4=0 is the inverse of the other. The value of k is  ________. (8)
  •  ________ is not a quadratic equation. (x + 2) (x – 1) = x2 – 2x – 3
  • ________ equations has 2 as a root.  ( 2x2 – 7x + 6 = 0)
  • The locus equation ax2 + bx + c = 0 has no real roots if ________. (b2 – 4ac < 0)
  • The product of two consecutive positive integers is 360. To find integers, this can be expressed as a quadratic equation as ________. ( x2 + x – 360 = 0)

Algebra MCQ Questions

Algebra MCQ questions are quite important in Pakistan Air Force academic exams, such as those for PAF Aeronautical Engineering, PAF Administration & Special Duty Branch, and PAF Air Defence Branch. Equations, inequalities, and polynomials are just a few of the algebraic concepts covered in these algebra multiple-choice questions.

Through practice with these problems, candidates can improve their understanding of algebraic concepts, which is essential for passing the PAF tests. In addition to assessing theoretical knowledge, these multiple-choice questions foster critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Algebra MCQs(Part-2)

  • An equation whose roots add up to 3 is ________. (–x2 + 3x – 3 = 0)
  • If a, 4, b are in arithmetic progression; a, 2, b are in geometric progression; then a, 1, b are ________. (H.P)
  • If “a” is the first term and “r” is the common ratio, then the nth term of G.P is ________. (arn-1)
  • If a, b, c are in arithmetic progression, then ________. (2b = a+c)
  • The sum of the arithmetic progression 2, 5, 8, …, maximum 50 terms is ________. (3775)
  • The third member of G.P is 4. Then the product of the first five terms is ________.(45)
  • ________ example of a geometric sequence.  (1, 2, 4, 8)
  • Considering the sequence 1, 5, 14, 30, 55 , .… the next term is ________. (91)
  • If the nth term of an arithmetic progression is 3n-4, then the 10th term of A.P is ________.(26)
  • ________ 3, 5, 7, 9 is an example. (Arithmetic sequence)
  • The first term of G.P is 1. The sum of the third and fifth terms is 90. Then the common ratio is ________. (3)
  • The logarithm of a number is the exponent to which a given ________ must be raised to obtain that number. (base)
  • ________ function is the inverse of the logarithmic function. (exponential)
  • ________ logarithm has base 10. (Common or base-10)
  • ________ logarithmic base e, a mathematical constant approximately equal to 2.71828. (natural)

Mathematics Algebra MCQs with Answers

It is essential for candidates taking the Army Education Officers and Army EME Officers examinations to have a strong algebraic foundation. Mathematics Algebra MCQs with Answers offer a thorough evaluation of candidates’ mathematical proficiency in this area. These algebra questions cover a wide range of algebraic principles, from fundamental ideas like equations and expressions to more complex subjects like matrices and determinants.

Candidates can improve their exam scores and sense of confidence in their algebraic comprehension by practicing these multiple-choice questions.

Algebra MCQs(Part-3)

  • The logarithm of the product is equal to the ________ of the logarithms of the individual factors. (sum or addition)
  • The logarithm of the numerator is equal to the ________ of the logarithms of the numerator and the denominator. (differentiation or subtraction)
  • The logarithm of the exponent is equal to the logarithm of the exponent ________ and the base number. (multiplication or multiplication)
  • An exponential function with base b is defined as f(x) = bx, where b is a positive real number and x is ________. (exponent or power)
  • The ________ property of exponents tells you that when you multiply two exponential expressions by the same base, you can add their exponents. (multiplication or multiplication)
  • The ________ property of exponents tells you that if you divide two exponential expressions by the same base, you can subtract their exponents. (quotient or division)
  • The ________ of an exponential function is a horizontal line that the graph approaches but never touches. (horizontal asymptote)
  • The function ____ is a special exponential function with base e written as f(x) = ex. (natural exponential or exponential with base e)
  • The logarithmic function is denoted by ________. (ln)
  • The ________ property of logarithms states that the logarithm of the power is equal to the product of the logarithm of the exponent and the base. (exponential or power)
  • The ________ property of logarithms states that the logarithm of a logarithm is equal to the product of logarithms. (changing position)
  • Algebra ________ is a combination of variables, numbers, and operations. (expression)
  • In an algebraic expression, ________ represents an unknown quantity. (variable)
  • The process of replacing variables with specific values ​​is called ________. (substitution)
  • The numerical factor of a term is called ________. (coefficient)
  • The ________ attribute tells us that changing the grouping of the terms does not affect the value of the expression. (associative)
  • The ________ attribute tells us that changing the order of the terms does not affect the value of the expression. (commutative)
  • The ________ property tells us that adding zero to a number leaves the number unchanged. (identity)
  • The ________ property says that multiplying a number by one leaves the number unchanged. (identity)

Basic Algebra MCQs with Answers

Basic Algebra MCQs with Answers are a great resource for civilians who want to work in the military. Whether it’s the Army Navy, Navy Education Branch, or technical cadet training, these algebra questions cover the fundamental subjects needed to pass the academic exams of the armed forces.

In addition to technical branches like the Navy Weapon Engineering and Navy Ordnance branches, a solid grasp of algebra is essential for other disciplines like the Army EME Officers and Navy Logistics branches. Candidates can improve their mathematics abilities and raise their chances of success by including these multiple-choice questions into their study regimen.

Algebra MCQs (Part-4)

  • The ________ property tells us that multiplying a number by zero gives zero. (null)
  • The ________ term in an expression is a term that contains no variables. (constant)
  • The ________ term in the expression is the term with the largest exponent. (leading or highest degree)
  • The process of combining similar terms in an expression is called ________. (simplification or combination)
  • The ________ of an expression is the result obtained by evaluating the expression for certain values ​​of the variables. (value)
  • The process in which the functions inside the parentheses are first executed is called the ________ attribute. (brackets or grouping).
  • The process of rewriting an expression without parentheses is called ____. (expands or bisects)
  • The length of the rectangle is three times the width. If the minimum perimeter of a rectangle is 160 cm, then ________. (width x ≥ 20 cm)
  • If – 3x + 17 < – 13, then ________. ( x ∈ (10, ∞))
  • If x, y and b are real numbers and x < y, b < 0, then ________. (x/b < y/b)
  • If |x −1| > 5, then ________ ( x ∈ (– ∞, – 4) ∪ (6, ∞))
  • If |x – 7|/(x – 7) ≥ 0, then ________. ( x ∈ (7, ∞))
  • If |x + 3| ≥ 10 times ________. ( x ∈ [– ∞, – 13] ∪ [7, ∞))
  • If 4x + 3 < 6x +7, then x belongs to ____. (-2, ∞)
  • Solving – 8 ≤ 5x – 3 < 7 gives ________. ( –1 ≤ x < 2)
  • The ________ of an equation is a set of two or more equations with the same variables. (system)
  • A solution of a system of equations is a set of values ​​of the variables that simultaneously satisfy ________ equations. (all or each)
  • A system of equations can have ________ solutions: one solution, infinitely many solutions, or no solutions. (three)
  • A system of equations is called ________ if it has no solution. (inconsistent)
  • A system of equations is called ________ if it has infinitely many solutions. (depends on or is compatible with infinitely many solutions)
  • A system of equations is called ________ if it has a unique solution. (consistent or independent)
  • ________ method of solving a system of equations involves replacing one equation with another to eliminate one variable. (substitute)
  • In the method of solving a system of equations, ________ one or both equations are multiplied by appropriate constants to obtain a new system with eliminated variables. (elimination)
  • The ________ form of a linear equation in two variables is ax + by = c, where a, b and c are constants. (standard or general)
  • The ________ form of a linear equation in two variables is y = mx + b, where m represents the slope and b is the y-intercept. (slope-intercept)

Algebra MCQ Questions and Solutions

These algebra mcq questions and solutions are helpful not just for the defense forces’ first academic exams but also as excellent study material for candidates. They address a broad range of algebraic subjects that are necessary for a solid mathematical foundation. Those who concentrate on topics like equations, inequalities, and quadratic functions can have a strong grasp of algebra.

Furthermore, these algebra multiple-choice questions meet the exacting requirements of the Army, Navy, and Pakistan Air Force exams, guaranteeing that applicants are ready for the difficulties they will encounter while pursuing a career in the armed forces.

Algebra MCQs (Part-5)

  • The ________ form of a linear equation in two variables is Ax + By + C = 0, where A, B, and C are constants. (general or standard)
  • The ________ method is a graphical technique for solving a system of equations by plotting the equations on a coordinate plane and finding their point of intersection. (graphing or graphical)
  • The ________ method is an iterative numerical method for solving systems of linear equations. (Gaussian elimination or matrix method)
  • A system of equations with more variables than equations is called ________. (underdetermined)
  • A system of equations with more equations than variables is called ________. (overdetermined)
  • An algebraic expression that contains only one term is called a ________. (Monomial)
  • 5x+6y is ________. (Binomial)
  • The algebraic expression 3x+2y+6 is ________. (Trinomial)
  • A polynomial contains _______ number of terms. (some)
  • Two expressions ________ have similar terms. (7x and 9x)
  • If we add 7xy + 5yz – 3zx, 4yz + 9zx – 4y, and -3xz + 5x – 2xy, the answer is ________. (5xy + 9yz +3zx + 5x – 4y)
  • If we subtract 4a – 7ab + 3b + 12 from 12a – 9ab + 5b – 3, the answer is ________. (8a-2ab+2b-15)
  • If we multiply 5x and (– 4xyz), we get ________. ( -20x2yz)
  • The product of 4x and 0 is ________. ( 0)
  • The volume of this cell whose length, width and height are respectively 5x, 3x2 and 7x4 is ________. (105x7)
  • The product of 5x and 3y is ________. (15xy)
  • The product of 6x and -11x is ________. ( –66x²)
  • The area of ​​a rectangle whose length and width are 3y and 9y² is ________. (27y³)
  • The area of ​​a rectangle whose length is 2a²b and width = 3ab² is ________. (6a³b³)
  • The side of the cube is 2a. The volume of a cube is __________. (8a³)
  • The product of the monomials x², (–x)³, (–x)4 equals ________. (x9)
  • (x – y)(x + y) + (y – z)(y + z) + (z – x) (z + x) is ________. (0)
  • (a – b)² is equal to ________. (a² + b² – 2ab)
  • The product of 3xy2z and 4x is ________. (12x2y2z)
  • ________ is a similar term to 8xy. (xy).

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