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Best General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Random questions are given here which are very easy questions and everybody must know if you are appearing in the initial tests of Pak Army, Pak Navy then you must see the following general knowledge questions and answers.

These basic questions also help in any interview if it is particularly related to the Army or ISSB, otherwise general knowledge questions are the best for initial interviews of forces. These are just like trivia questions which help to improve you for general knowledge test.

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Most Repeated General Knowledge Questions and Answers

See here basic questions which are related to the quiz questions and answers. You can get solution of general knowledge quiz online for the preparation of Army, Navy and PAF tests for getting 100% pass results.

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GK Questions with Answers in English

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general knowledge questions and answers 2

General Knowledge Questions with Answers

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GK Questions with Answers

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General Knowledge Quiz with Answers

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General Knowledge is the Main Key of your Confidence and Success.

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