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Nishan E Haider List of Awards

The Nishan e Haider is the highest valour and exceptional bravery honour given by the Pakistani military. If you’re interested in the history of Nishan e Haider, it was first used after the nation gained its independence in 1957.

There have only been ten Nishan e Haider holders in Pakistan between 1947 and 2023. Here is a list of Nishan e Haider’s holders, along with their titles and pictures.

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Detail List of Highest Military Award Nishan e Haider

1.Captain Muhammad Sarwar6.Major Shabir Sharif
2.Major Tufail Mohammad7.Sawar Muhammad Hussain Janjua
3.Major Raja Aziz Bhatti8.Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfouz
4.Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas9.Captain Karnal Sher Khan
5.Major Muhammad Akram10.Hawaldar Lalak Jan

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Captain Muhammad Sarwar

captain muhammad sarwar

In the region of Rawalpindi, Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar was born on April 25, 1910.

When he participated in the Kashmir conflict, he was a captain in the Punjab regiment of the Pakistani army. With fortitude and bravery, he was able to eliminate almost 40 foes.

He was given the Nishan e Haider after becoming a martyr on October 26, 1948, as a result of machine gun fire during the battle.

Major Tufail Mohammad

Major Tufail Muhammad

In 1914, Major Tufail Muhammad was born in the Pakistani province of Punjab, Hoshiarpur. He was a company commander in the east Pakistan Rifles during the 1958 conflict. Numerous enemies were killed when Major Tufail Mohmmad launched an attack on the enemy forces.

He too was hurt, but he persisted in battling using both a machine gun and close quarters combat. He served as an inspiration for patriotism, tenacity, and bravery. Consequently, Nishan e Haider gave him the honour.

Major Raja Aziz Bhatti

Major Aziz Bhatti

On August 6, 1928, Major Raja Aziz Bhatti was born. He was a major in the Pakistani army’s 17 Punjab regiment during the 1965 conflict. In the Lahore sector, he served as the company leader. He made the decision to stick with his platoon throughout the five days of continuous armour division assault.

The first person to complete the PMA long course and obtain both the Norman medal and the sword of honour was Major Raja Aziz Bhatti. He was also given the Nishan e Haider award in recognition of his outstanding work and strategies.

Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas

Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas

In Pakistan’s air force, Rashid Minhas served as a pilot officer in the No. 2 fighter conversion squad. On February 17, 1951, he was born.

On August 20, 1971, the instructor pilot attempted to take over the aircraft and make it take off while he was on a routine training flight. He damaged the flight controls and crashed the plane into Pakistani territory to defend himself and stop it from flying into the other border.

He received the Nishan e Haider medal for his bravery and courage, making him the youngest pilot officer to receive this honour.

Major Muhammad Akram

Major Muhammad Akram

Major Muhammad Akram was born on April 4, 1938, and is a member of the Pakistani Army’s 4 Frontier Force unit. He served as a captain in the 1965 war and oversaw numerous productive missions. He was leading a company in the Hilli district of East Pakistan’s forward area during the conflict in 1971.

In the 1971 battle, Major Muhammad Akram also performs admirably. Nishan e Haider thus gave him a medal. His passing occurred on December 5, 1971.

Major Shabir Sharif

Major Shabir Sharif

The date of birth for Major Shabir Sharif is April 28, 1943. He was a major in the Pakistani Army’s 6th Frontier Force unit. He also took part in the conflict of 1971.

He guarded the expansive area close to Sulemanki Headworks during the conflict in 1971. Additionally, he was successful in damning the 43 Indian troops. He also accomplished the remarkable feat of destroying the four Indian troops’ tanks.

For his bravery and valor, Major Shabir Sharif has also received recognition from the Sitara e Jurat. He is the cousin of Major Aziz Bhatti, another Nishan e Haider holder. Additionally, General Raheel Sharif, his younger sibling, was the former commander of the army. His passing occurred on December 6, 1971.

Sawar Muhammad Hussain

Sawar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed

On June 18, 1949, Sawar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed was born. He served as Sawar in the 20 Lancers of the Pakistani Army’s armoured division. He too took a prominent role in the war of 1971.

According to study, he oversaw the recoilless rifle fire that destroyed the enemy’s sixteen tanks. He received the Nishan e Haider for his exceptional wisdom, fortitude, and bravery. He was the specific man from the Armoured Corps that Nishan e Haider had recognised.

After his passing, the villagers renamed his hamlet, Dhok Pir Bakhsh, to honour his extraordinary performance, bravery, and sacrifice as “Dohk Muhammad Hussain .”

Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfouz

lance naik muhammad mehfoz shaheed

On October 25, 1944, L/Nk Muhammad Mahfouz was born. He was in the Punjab 15 division of the Pakistani army, at lance Naik position. He took part in the battle in 1971 and acted bravely.

A well-known action called the Pul Kunjry operation was launched during the war of 1971. He lost his machine gun during the mission. However, he displayed bravery to enter the army bunker without his gun in order to finish the task.

He received an award from Nishan e Haider for displaying such a degree of bravery. It has come to light that the enemy commander also commended him for his bravery. On December 17, 1971, he perished.

Captain Karnal Sher Khan

Captain Kernal Sher Khan

On January 1st, 1970, Captain Karnal Sher Khan was born. He was resigning as a Captain in the Pakistani army’s Northern Light infantry’s 27 Sindh regiment/12.

He was a soldier who participated in the Battle of Kargil and caused the adversary great harm. Sher Khan guarded and held five Pakistani posts during the Kargil conflict. In order to defeat them, he also conducts raids at different army camps. These searches cost India a great deal of money.

It is well known that Captain Karnal Sher behaves in a resolute manner that no one can shake. He displays tremendous bravery while fighting at the line of control. He was given the Nishan e Haider award because he set a good example of fortitude and bravery. On July 5, he perished.

Hawaldar Lalak Jan

Nishan e Haider

The Hawaldar Lalak Jan, who was born in April 1967, is the most recent Nishan e Holder. He belonged to the Pakistani army’s 12 Northern Light Infantries as Hawaldar. Lalak Jan was among the troops who were feared to repel Indian assaults when the Kargil War first broke out.

It is emphasised in literature that Lalak Jan led the charge in fighting to repel their abrasive attacks and was successful in doing so, causing a significant loss for the adversary. He received the Nishan e Haider for his courage, outstanding achievement, and bravery.

For the soldiers, he served as a model of tenacity, courage, and passion. The first man from the North to earn the Nishan e Haider award was Lalak Jan. He passed away.


Here, the identities of all Nishan e Haider recipients from 1947 to 2023 are listed. All Nishan e Haider winners inspire the next generation and serve as the finest examples of tenacity, bravery, and courage.

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