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ICT MCQs Questions and Answers

If you want to join Pak Army ICTO Captain Jobs, PAF ICTO Jobs, Navy ICTO Jobs, Lady Cadet Course (LCC), and in Education Branch of Pak Defence Forces, then you must learn about the following past papers which have been given by the previous students who have applied for Army, Navy and PAF jobs as a commissioned Officer.

  • The acronym “ICT” stand for                          .(Information and Communication Technology)
  • Keyboard is an example of an                           . (Input device)
  • Printer is an example of                           . (Output device)
  • The purpose of an operating system in a computer is                           . (Manage hardware resources)
  •                         is a cloud storage service. (Google drive)
  • Function of a firewall in network security is __________. (Block unauthorized access)
  • The acronym “URL” stand for                           . (Uniform Resource Locator)
  • Purpose of a spreadsheet software is ________. (Perform calculations and data analysis)
  •                          is an example of a programming language. (Java)
  •                         is the function of an antivirus software. (Protect against malware and viruses)
  • A computer is an                                   machine. (Electronic)
  • ICT refers to all the methods, tools, concepts related to                           . (storing digital information, recording digital information, sending digital information)
  • Physical part of computer is called                               . (Hardware)
  •                          is not computer hardware. (MS paint)
  •                          act as an interface between the user and the computer. (Operating system)
  •                          software starts working as soon as we switch on a computer. (Operating system
  • Hardware would not be able to function without                              . (Software)
  •                          are mobile operating system. (Apple iOS and Android)
  •                          is the input device. (Mouse)
  • A                                 is a device used to type text, numbers and commands into the computer. (Keyboard)
  • Keys labeled from F1 to F12 are                              keys. (functions)
  • The function of the F1 key in most programs is to                  . (Open help)

Basic ICT MCQs Questions with Answers

Most repeated ICT MCQs for Army Captain as per ICTO Pak Army Tests Syllabus, ICTO Pak Army Tests preparation material is given here. These questions are also best for Corps of Signals Pakistan Army Jobs at initial tests.

  • A computer can get infected with virus by                              . (Infected files, infected pen drivers, infected file attachments of e-mail)
  • You use the                                         key to move the cursor to the beginning of a new line. (Enter and return)
  • Navigation keys are                         .   (Arrow Keys, Page Up, Page down)
  • When the INSERT key is turned ON, it helps you overwrite characters to the                 of the cursor. (right)
  • DELETE key is used to remove typed text on the                      side of the cursor. (right)
  • Backspace key is used to remove typed text on the                   side of the cursor. (left)
  •                                       key opens the start menu. (Windows)
  • A                                       is a device that you can use to move, select and open items on your computer screen. (Mouse)
  • When you click a particular file by mouse, it may gets                          . (Selected, deselected)
  • When you move the item to the new location with the help of mouse. This is called                                                            .  (Drag and drop)
  • Prevent others from using your computer by                            . (using user name and password)
  • Electronic files in computer can be                                  . (Copied, Moved, Rename)
  • A Gigabyte is equivalent to                  . (1024 Megabytes)
  • A Compiler is a software that transforms                            . (High level language to machine language)
  • Virtual Memory is                                . (an illusion of extremely large main memory.)
  • ALU stands for                            . (Arithmetic Logic Unit)
  • A Personal Computer utilizes multiple chips that are installed on a circuit board known as                               . (Mother board)
  • Computer Virus is a                    . (Software)
  •                       is a protocol employed by email clients for retrieving emails onto your computer. (POP)
  • Random Access Memory (RAM), a type of computer storage, functions as a                    memory. (volatile)

Join Pak Army as ICTO Officer 2024 : ICT MCQs

Undermentioned ICT MCQs are best for the preparation of LCC in initial tests of computer subjects, these are all past papers and experiences of PAF candidates who had applied for ICTO or IT Officers in IT Branch of PAF as a Commissioned Officer.

  •                       is a form of memory circuitry that stores the computer’s startup routine. (ROM)
  • An unsolicited email message sent simultaneously to multiple recipients is referred to as                   . (spam)
  • The action of duplicating files onto a CD-ROM is commonly referred to as                  . (Burning)
  • A Terabyte is equivalent to                   . (1024 Gigabytes)
  • DNS stands for                     . (Domain Name System)
  • The hierarchy of data storage comprises                        . (Bits, bytes, fields, records, files and databases)
  • The complete abbreviation of USB in computer-related activities is                    . (Universal Serial Bus)
  • FTP stands for                     . (File Transfer Protocol)
  • The Telephone Model of Communication was initially formulated in the field of                     . (Information Theory)
  • Photographs are not easy to                         . (Decode)
  • Communication within institutions is accomplished through                           (LAN)
  • Virtual reality provides                         . (Participatory experience)
  •                          is a social network. (twitter)
  • The octal number system is composed of the following symbols                          .(0 – 7)
  • HTML stands for                         . (Hyper Text Markup Language)
  • The hexadecimal number system consists of the symbols                          . ( 0-9, A-F)
  • The process of transmitting video over the Internet to mimic delayed live casting is referred to as                      (real-time video)
  • LAN stands for                         . (Local Area Network)
  • Mistakes or faults within a computer program are referred to as                       (Bugs)
  • HTML is basically used to design                       (Web-page)
  • ‘Micro Processing’ is made for                       (Computer)
  • The term used to describe a combination of graphics, text, sound, video, and animation is known as                       . (Multimedia)
ict mcqs test prepartion for army navy paf icto tests and  lcc

Pak Forces Jobs ICT MCQs for ICTO Initial Tests

ICT MCQs are considered here the most important for initial tests of LCC in Pak Army for female tests, ICTO of Pak Navy jobs through Special Short Service Commission.

  •                       is not a Computer language. (UNIX)
  • A key-board has at least                       .  (101)
  • An E-mail address is composed of                       (two parts)
  •                     is the largest unit of storage. (Terabyte)
  • Bit stands for                       .  (binary digit)
  •                       Is not a linear data structure (Binary Tree)
  •                      is not a network device. (CPU)
  •                      was the first company to launch mobile phone services in India. (Airtel)
  • 1 GB is equal to                        (2^30 bytes)
  • The set of computer programs that manage the hardware/software of a computer is called                       (Operating system)
  •                     is an example of Operating System. (Microsoft Windows)
  • Computers on an internet are identified by                       (IP Address)
  • Computer network is called as                       . (A group of interconnected computers)
  •                      is the purpose of a router in a computer network. ( Transmit data between networks)
  •                      is an example of a wireless communication technology. (Bluetooth)
  •                      is the function of the Domain Name System (DNS) in a network. ( Translate domain names to IP addresses)
  •                      is the purpose of an IP address in a computer network. ( Identify a specific computer on the network)
  •                      topology connects all devices in a linear sequence. (Bus topology)
  •                      is the function of a firewall in network security. (Block unauthorized access)
  •                      protocol is commonly used for sending and receiving emails over the internet. (POP3)
  •                      is the purpose of a subnet mask in a network. ( Identify network boundaries)
  •                      is a widely used network protocol suite. (TCP/IP)
  • Computer virus is a                     . (Malicious software that infects computers)

Information and Communication Technology ICT MCQs for ICTO Preparation

More ICT MCQs are given here for more preparation of initial tests of Army, Navy and PAF Education Branch and ICTO. These questions are also important for LCC.

  • A computer virus typically spread                     . (Through email attachments and malicious downloads)
  •                     is NOT a common type of computer virus. (Firewall)
  •                     is the primary purpose of a Trojan horse virus. (Gain unauthorized access to a computer system)
  •                      virus spread to other computers without user intervention. (worm)
  • The main characteristic of a ransomware virus is                     . (Encrypting files and demanding a ransom for their release)
  •                      is a common symptom of a computer virus infection. ( Random computer shutdowns)
  • Users protect their computers from viruses by                     . (Keeping antivirus software up to date)
  • A keylogger virus designed to do                    . (Record keystrokes and steal sensitive information)
  •                      is the purpose of a firewall in computer security.  (Protect against unauthorized network access)
  • A phishing attack is a                     . (A social engineering attack that tricks users into revealing sensitive information)
  •                      is the purpose of a virtual private network (VPN) in cybersecurity. (Encrypting internet traffic for secure communication)
  •                      is the purpose of penetration testing in cybersecurity. (Assessing the security of computer systems by attempting to exploit vulnerabilities)
  • ICT encompasses the integration of __________ and __________ technologies. (Answer: information; communication)
  • A computer’s __________ consists of its physical components, such as the monitor, keyboard, and central processing unit. (Answer: hardware)
  • In ICT, the process of converting data into a coded form to prevent unauthorized access is known as __________. (Answer: encryption)
  • The acronym ‘URL’ stands for Uniform Resource __________. (Answer: Locator)
  • The term __________ refers to the practice of using multiple server locations to distribute internet traffic and improve performance. (Answer: load balancing)
  • The process of copying files from a computer to a remote server is known as __________. (Answer: uploading)
  • __________ is a type of malware that disguises itself as legitimate software to gain unauthorized access. (Answer: Trojan)
  • The term ‘VoIP’ stands for Voice over __________. (Answer: Internet Protocol)
  • The protocol used for secure communication over a computer network is __________. (Answer: HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)
  • __________ is the term for a set of rules governing the format of data sent over the internet. (Answer: Protocol)
  • The process of converting analog signals into digital signals is called __________. (Answer: Analog-to-digital conversion)
  • A network topology where each device is connected to a central hub is known as __________. (Answer: Star topology)
  • A small piece of code that spreads from one computer to another, often causing harm, is called a __________. (Answer: Computer virus)
  • The high-speed internet connection that is always active is commonly referred to as __________. (Answer: Broadband)
  • The practice of using multiple servers to host a website’s content, improving reliability and performance, is known as __________. (Answer: Content Delivery Network (CDN))

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