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ICTO Academic Tests Samples

If you want to preparation initial tests of ICTO Academic tests for LCC Captain examination and want to become an Army officer then here is the best opportunity for male and females to prepare all tests with free preparation of Army tests. If you want to get 100% success then following questions of computer MCQs are very helpful and important for initial tests preparation.

  • Q: What are the three main types of data in GIS?
  • Answer: Raster, vector, and scalar data.
  • Q: What are tags and tests written in code but not displayed in the output?
  • Answer: Are typically written in the HTML.
  • Q: Among the given options, which one is not a type of internet protocol?
  • Answer: Among the given options (TCP, HTML, HTTP, and IP), HTML is not a type of internet protocol.
  • Q: Who developed the Mac OS?
  • Answer: Apple developed the Mac OS.
  • Q: What data structure is used for mapping paths by Breadth-First Search in a graph?
  • Answer: A queue.
  • Q: Where are recursive functions stored?
  • Answer: In the stack because of the Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) mechanism.
  • Q: Is a compiler considered system software or application software?
  • Answer: A compiler is considered system software.
  • Q: How many layers are there in the OSI model?
  • Answer: OSI model has 7 layers.
  • Q: How many layers are there in the TCP/IP model?
  • Answer: TCP/IP model has 4 layers.
  • Q: What command is used to delete a relation in an RDBMS?
  • Answer: “DROP TABLE.”
  • Q: Which programming language uses classes but has no implementation of polymorphism?
  • Answer: Python
  • Q: Which feature is implemented by encapsulation?
  • Answer: Abstraction.
  • Q: Which feature gives functionality without knowledge of the details implemented?
  • Answer: Abstraction
  • Q: Among the options, which one is least important when working on access control systems?
  • Answer: Annual loss is the least important factor when working on access control systems, as it’s crucial to consider threat, risk, and vulnerability.
  • Q: What is the tangible output predicted in a project plan?
  • Answer: Documentation or deliverables.
  • Q: Which one is not an edge device in a network?
  • Answer: Smartphones, PCs, and routers are edge devices in a network, while switches are not considered edge devices.
  • Q: What device connects LANs in a network?
  • Answer: A switch is a device that connects LANs in a network.
  • Which type of network uses the internet?
  • Answer: A WAN (Wide Area Network) uses the internet, and all the mentioned networks provide access to the internet.
  • What practice increases the performance of software?
  • Answer: All mentioned practices (software testing, access control, and query optimization) can contribute to improving the performance of software.
  • Q: HandShaking is a?
  • Answer: Synchronization between two communicating devices.
  • Q: FTP best matches with which OSI Layer?
  • Answer: Application Layer
  • Q: Who invented the difference engine and analytical Engine?
  • Answer: Charles Babbage
  • Q: Rad model have __ phases?
  • Answer: 5 phases
  • Q: Build and fix model is suitable for programming exercises of LINE OF CODE?
  • Answer: 100-200

ICTO Academic Tests with Answers

More ICTO Academic tests for initial tests preparation of Pak Army are given below for 100% success and getting merit in the final selection of Information and Communication Technology Officer branch jobs.

Q: Which is the limitation of High Level Language?

  • Lower efficiency (Correct)
  • Machine dependence
  • Machine Level Coding
  • NOne of the above

Q: Identify the correct statement: Software engineers shall ________?

  • Act in a manner that is in the best interests of his expertise and favor.
  • Act consistently with the public interest. << Correct >>
  • Ensure that their products only meet SRS.
  • All of the mentioned

Q: Which of these are not true?

  • Web has led to availability of software services and possibility of developing highly distributed service based systems.
  • Web based systems have led to degradation of programing languages. <<Correct>>
  • Web brings concept of software as service.
  • Web based system should be developed and delivered incrementally.

Q: Which of the following statements regarding build and fix model is wrong?

  • No room of structured design.
  • Code soon becomes unfixable and unchangeable.
  • Maintenance are practically not possible.
  • It scales up well to large projects. <<Correct>>

Q: Which of these is in-correct?

  • Software engineering belongs to computer science.
  • Software engineering is a part of more general form of system engineering.
  • Computer science belongs to software engineering. <<Correct>>
  • Software engineering is concerned with the practicalities of developing useful software.

Q: A fundamental notions of software engineering dost not account for?

  • Software Validation <<Correct>>
  • Software reuse
  • Software Security
  • Software processes

Q: SDLC stands for?

  • Software development life cycle <<Correct>>
  • System development life cycle
  • Software design life cycle
  • System design life cycle

Q: Which one of the following is not a phase of prototyping model?

  • Quick Design
  • Coding <<Correct>>
  • Prototype Refinement
  • Engineer Product

Q: What is the major drawback of using RAD model?

  • Highly specialized and skilled developers/designers are required.
  • Increases reusability of components.
  • Encourages customer/client feedback.
  • Increases reusability of components, highly specialized and skilled developers/ designers are required. <<Correct>>

Q: Which model can be selected if user is involved in all the phases of SDLC?

  • Waterfall model
  • Prototyping Model
  • Rad Model <<Correct>>
  • Both prototyping and rad model

ICTO Academic Tests with Correct Answers

You can find more ICTO Academic Test questions with correct answers which are very helpful for the tests of LCC and Signal officers in Pak Army, Navy and PAF Officer branch.

  1. The primary function of a firewall is to protect a computer network from unauthorized access. (Firewall)
  2. The most common type of network used to connect devices in a home or small office is a _____. (Local Area Network – LAN)
  3. The term “gigabyte” (GB) refers to approximately ____ bytes of data. (1 billion)
  4. The World Wide Web is accessed using a special software program called a _____. (web browser)
  5. The process of transferring data from one device to another is called _____. (data transfer)
  6. The acronym “RAM” stands for _____. (Random Access Memory)
  7. The operating system responsible for powering most smartphones is _____. (Android or iOS, depending on the specific device)
  8. The cloud storage service offered by Google is called _____. (Google Drive)
  9. The most common type of physical connection used for wired internet access is an _____. (Ethernet cable)
  10. The term “spam” refers to unsolicited bulk _____. (electronic mail)
  11. The social media platform known for short-form videos is _____. (TikTok)
  12. The online platform for professional networking is _____. (LinkedIn)
  13. The act of illegally copying and distributing copyrighted material is called _____. (piracy)
  14. The process of encrypting data to protect its confidentiality is called _____. (encryption)
  15. The term “artificial intelligence” (AI) refers to the ability of machines to _____. (imitate human intelligence)

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