history of computer mcqs

History of Computer MCQ with Answers

For those getting ready for their first academic exams in the Army, Navy, and Pakistan Air Force (PAF), history of computer mcq with answers are a great resource. These multiple-choice questions (MCQs) address key computer knowledge domains that are especially addressed in the ICTOs job in Army, Navy PAF tests, and their Education branches.

Interested candidates can have a thorough understanding of computer history by studying these multiple-choice questions (MCQs). This is because a significant portion of computer exams given in the defense forces require applicants to have this knowledge.

History of Computer MCQ (Part-1)

The __________ is considered one of the earliest mechanical computing devices.

  • a) Pascaline
  • b) Difference Engine
  • c) Abacus
  • d) ENIAC
  • Correct answer: Abacus

__________ was a remarkable mechanical calculator invented by Blaise Pascal.

  • a) ENIAC
  • b) Pascaline
  • c) Abacus
  • d) Difference Engine
  • Correct answer: Pascaline

__________ was an early calculating device created by Charles Babbage.

  • a) Abacus
  • b) ENIAC
  • c) Pascaline
  • d) Difference Engine
  • Correct answer: Difference Engine

Ada Lovelace is considered the first __________ in the world.

  • a) Mechanical Engineer
  • b) Computer Programmer
  • c) Mathematician
  • d) Scientist
  • Correct answer: Computer Programmer

__________ was an electromechanical computer developed during World War II.

  • a) Transistor
  • b) Pascaline
  • c) Difference Engine
  • d) ENIAC
  • Correct answer: ENIAC

The invention of the __________ revolutionized computing by replacing vacuum tubes.

  • a) Integrated Circuit
  • b) Transistor
  • c) Floppy Disk
  • d) Microprocessor
  • Correct answer: Transistor

Integrated circuits allowed for the __________ of multiple electronic components onto a single chip.

  • a) Amplification
  • b) Computation
  • c) Miniaturization
  • d) Processing
  • Correct answer: Miniaturization

The __________ Altair 8800 is considered one of the first personal computers.

  • a) IBM
  • b) Microsoft
  • c) MITS
  • d) Apple
  • Correct answer: MITS

The __________ computer was introduced by Apple in 1977.

  • a) Macintosh
  • b) Apple II
  • c) IBM PC
  • d) Altair 8800
  • Correct answer: Apple II

Microsoft’s operating system, __________, played a significant role in the popularity of personal computers.

  • a) Windows
  • b) UNIX
  • c) MS-DOS
  • d) Linux
  • Correct answer: MS-DOS

The development of the __________ protocol laid the foundation for the modern Internet.

  • a) HTTP
  • b) TCP/IP
  • c) FTP
  • d) SMTP
  • Correct answer: TCP/IP

The first browser __________ was created in 1993.

  • a) Netscape
  • b) Chrome
  • c) Internet Explorer
  • d) Mosaic
  • Correct answer: Mosaic

__________ is a widely used programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie.

  • a) Python
  • b) Java
  • c) C
  • d) Fortran
  • Correct answer: C

__________ is a graphical user interface (GUI) developed by Apple.

  • a) Windows
  • b) Linux
  • c) Macintosh
  • d) Android
  • Correct answer: Macintosh

__________ is a portable storage device introduced in the 1980s and commonly used in early personal computers.

  • a) USB Drive
  • b) Floppy Disk
  • c) CD-ROM
  • d) Hard Drive
  • Correct answer: Floppy Disk

The electronic age in computing meant the transition from __________ to electronic components.

  • a) Mechanical
  • b) Biological
  • c) Analog
  • d) Chemical
  • Correct answer: Mechanical

__________ the invention revolutionized computing by providing a reliable electronic switch.

  • a) Microprocessor
  • b) Transistor
  • c) Diode
  • d) Capacitor
  • Correct answer: Transistor

History of Computer Questions and Answers

The academic assessments given to potential recruits for the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) cover a broad spectrum of topics, including computer literacy. A person’s preparation for the ICTOs initial tests may have great success after studying these questions. The PAF examinations often feature questions about historical milestones, pioneers, and technological breakthroughs in computer history; these history of computer questions answers cover important facets of computer history and prepare applicants to address such questions.

History of Computer MCQs (Part-2)

The development of __________ made it possible to create smaller and more efficient electronic devices.

  • a) Vacuum Tube
  • b) Transistor
  • c) Integrated Circuit
  • d) Microprocessor
  • Correct answer: Integrated Circuit

The first fully electronic general-purpose computer was __________.

  • a) UNIVAC
  • b) ENIAC
  • c) IBM System/360
  • d) Altair 8800
  • Correct answer: ENIAC

__________ is the first commercially successful computer.

  • a) ENIAC
  • b) Altair 8800
  • c) UNIVAC
  • d) IBM System/360
  • Correct answer: UNIVAC

__________ is often called “Father of the Computer”.

  • a) Charles Babbage
  • b) Alan Turing
  • c) John W. Mauchly
  • d) Steve Wozniak
  • Correct answer: John W. Mauchly

__________ was developed by IBM and became a widely used mainframe computer in the 1950s and 1960s.

  • a) ENIAC
  • b) UNIVAC
  • c) IBM System/360
  • d) Altair 8800
  • Correct answer: IBM System/360

__________ is a programming language that was widely used in the electronic age.

  • a) BASIC
  • b) C++
  • c) COBOL
  • d) Python
  • Correct answer: COBOL

The introduction of __________ allowed computers to store data faster and more efficiently.

  • a) Hard Drive
  • b) Magnetic Core Memory
  • c) Floppy Disk
  • d) Solid State Drive
  • Correct answer: Magnetic Core Memory

__________ was an early computer input device that used punched cards.

  • a) Keyboard
  • b) Card Reader
  • c) Mouse
  • d) Scanner
  • Correct answer: Card Reader

__________ is an advanced programming language developed by Grace Hopper.

  • a) FORTRAN
  • b) BASIC
  • c) COBOL
  • d) Java
  • Correct answer: COBOL

__________ is a well-known programming language developed in the 1950s and 1960s.

  • a) Python
  • b) C++
  • c) FORTRAN
  • d) JavaScript
  • Correct answer: FORTRAN

__________ is a widely used computer operating system introduced by IBM in the 1960s.

  • a) Windows
  • b) UNIX
  • c) OS/360
  • d) MS-DOS
  • Correct answer: OS/360

__________ is an early computer printing device that used punch cards to produce output.

  • a) Dot Matrix Printer
  • b) Line Printer
  • c) Laser Printer
  • d) Inkjet Printer
  • Correct answer: Line Printer

__________ is a computer programming language developed by a committee led by John Backus.

  • a) C
  • b) Python
  • c) FORTRAN
  • d) BASIC
  • Correct answer: FORTRAN

The Altair 8800, released in __________, is considered one of the first successful personal computers.

  • a) 1972
  • b) 1975
  • c) 1980
  • d) 1983
  • Correct answer: 1975

__________ is Apple Inc. responsible for the foundation and development of the Apple I and Apple II computers.

  • a) Steve Jobs
  • b) Tim Cook
  • c) Steve Wozniak
  • d) Jonathan Ive
  • Correct answer: Steve Wozniak

__________ is one of the most iconic early personal computers with a keyboard, display and cassette storage.

  • a) IBM PC
  • b) Apple II
  • c) Commodore PET
  • d) Altair 8800
  • Correct answer: Commodore PET

Introduced in __________, the IBM computer played a major role in popularizing personal computers.

  • a) 1977
  • b) 1981
  • c) 1984
  • d) 1990
  • Correct answer: 1981

    History of Computer MCQs Free Preparation

    A thorough understanding of computer history is essential for anybody hoping to enlist in the Army and pursue professions in a variety of branches, including Army Education Officers, Army EME Officers, and civilians in all defense forces. Candidates can perform well on computer tests used in the selection process by mastering history of computer mcqs, which offer insightful information about the development of computing technology.

    These  history of computer multiple-choice questions (MCQs) include important subjects that are very pertinent to the technical cadet course, such as the history of computers, significant discoveries, and innovations that have influenced the field’s current state.

    History of Computer MCQ (Part-3)

    The MS-DOS operating system, short for __________, became the standard operating system for IBM-compatible personal computers.

    • a) Microsoft Disk Operating System
    • b) Microcomputer Disk Operating System
    • c) Machine Disk Operating System
    • d) Mini Disk Operating System
    • Correct answer: Microsoft Disk Operating System

    __________ was an early personal computer that gained popularity due to its user-friendly graphical interface.

    • a) IBM PC
    • b) Commodore 64
    • c) Apple Macintosh
    • d) Tandy 1000
    • Correct answer: Apple Macintosh

    __________ was the first successful portable computer released in 1981 by Osborne Computer Corporation.

    • a) IBM PC
    • b) Apple II
    • c) Commodore PET
    • d) Osborne 1
    • Correct answer: Osborne 1

    __________ is an early personal computer known for its unique design and all-in-one form factor.

    • a) Apple II
    • b) Commodore Amiga
    • c) IBM PC
    • d) Tandy 1000
    • Correct answer: Commodore Amiga

    __________ is an influential personal computer platform known for its broad software and hardware compatibility.

    • a) Apple II
    • b) Commodore 64
    • c) IBM Compatible PC
    • d) Osborne 1
    • Correct answer: IBM Compatible PC

    __________ is a programming language developed by Microsoft that is widely used for software development on IBM Compatible PCs.

    • a) Visual Basic
    • b) C++
    • c) Java
    • d) Python
    • Correct answer: Visual Basic

    __________ played a key role in the development of personal computer games, including such popular titles as “Pac-Man” and “Space Invaders”.

    • a) Commodore 64
    • b) Apple II
    • c) Atari 2600
    • d) IBM PC
    • Correct answer: Atari 2600

    __________ is an early personal computer that emphasized expandability and third-party hardware support.

    • a) Apple Macintosh
    • b) Commodore Amiga
    • c) IBM PC/AT
    • d) Tandy 1000
    • Correct answer: IBM PC/AT

    __________ is an early personal computer known for its open architecture and modular design.

    • a) Apple II
    • b) Commodore PET
    • c) IBM PC
    • d) Osborne 1
    • Correct answer: Apple II

    __________ is an influential personal computer published by Tandy Corporation, compatible with IBM computers and software.

    • a) Apple II
    • b) Commodore Amiga
    • c) Tandy 1000
    • d) Osborne 1
    • Correct answer: Tandy 1000

    __________ is an operating system developed specifically for Macintosh computers.

    • a) Windows
    • b) Linux
    • c) macOS
    • d) MS-DOS
    • Correct answer: macOS

    __________ is a global network of interconnected computers that communicate using standard protocols.

    • a) Intranet
    • b) Internet
    • c) Extranet
    • d) Ethernet
    • Correct answer: Internet

    The precursor to the modern Internet, known as __________, was developed by the United States Department of Defense.

    • a) NSFNET
    • b) BITNET
    • c) ARPANET
    • d) MILNET
    • Correct answer: ARPANET

    __________ is a set of protocols that allow computers to communicate and transfer data over the Internet.

    • a) HTTP
    • b) FTP
    • c) TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)
    • d) SMTP
    • Correct answer: TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)

    The World Wide Web was invented by __________ in 1989.

    • a) Bill Gates
    • b) Steve Jobs
    • c) Tim Berners-Lee
    • d) Mark Zuckerberg
    • Correct answer: Tim Berners-Lee

      Computer History Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

      A comprehensive understanding of computer history is necessary for applicants taking the Navy’s academic examinations. For those getting ready for exams in ICTOs Jobs as an IT Officer, Cyber Security Officer, multiple-choice questions about the history of computers are an essential study resource. By concentrating on these computer history multiple choice questions and answers, applicants can improve their fitness for the Navy’s exams by learning more about the background of computers, from the invention of the first calculators to the creation of contemporary ones.

      History of Computer MCQ (Part-4)

      __________ is a markup language used to create web pages.

      • a) CSS
      • b) XML
      • c) HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
      • d) JSON
      • Correct answer: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

      __________ is a protocol used to transfer web pages from servers to browsers.

      • a) FTP
      • b) SMTP
      • c) HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
      • d) POP3
      • Correct answer: HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

      The name of the first widely used web browser was __________.

      • a) Internet Explorer
      • b) Netscape Navigator
      • c) Mosaic
      • d) Firefox
      • Correct answer: Mosaic

      __________ is a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows users to navigate and access information on the web.

      • a) Operating System
      • b) Text Editor
      • c) Web Browser
      • d) File Manager
      • Correct answer: Web Browser

      __________ is a unique address that identifies a particular website on the Internet.

      • a) IP Address
      • b) URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
      • c) MAC Address
      • d) DNS
      • Correct answer: URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

      __________ is a system that translates domain names into IP addresses.

      • a) FTP
      • b) HTTP
      • c) DNS (Domain Name System)
      • d) SMTP
      • Correct answer: DNS (Domain Name System)

      __________ is a widely used scripting language for adding interactivity and dynamic content to web pages.

      • a) PHP
      • b) Java
      • c) Python
      • d) JavaScript
      • Correct answer: JavaScript

      __________ is a protocol that provides secure communication on the Internet.

      • a) FTP
      • b) HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)
      • c) HTTP
      • d) SSH
      • Correct answer: HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)

      __________ is a widely used relational database management system commonly used in web applications.

      • a) Oracle
      • b) SQL Server
      • c) PostgreSQL
      • d) MySQL
      • Correct answer: MySQL

      The term __________ refers to the process of improving the visibility and ranking of web pages in search results.

      • a) SEM
      • b) PPC
      • c) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
      • d) SMM
      • Correct answer: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

      __________ is a social network that has become one of the most popular sites on the Internet.

      • a) Twitter
      • b) LinkedIn
      • c) Instagram
      • d) Facebook
      • Correct answer: Facebook

      __________ is a branch of computer science that focuses on developing intelligent machines that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.

      • a) Data Science
      • b) Cybersecurity
      • c) Artificial Intelligence (AI)
      • d) Software Engineering
      • Correct answer: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

      __________ is a computing model that enables users to access shared computing resources and services over the Internet.

      • a) Edge Computing
      • b) Cloud Computing
      • c) Grid Computing
      • d) Fog Computing
      • Correct answer: Cloud Computing

      __________ is a programming paradigm that involves breaking down a problem into smaller, independent tasks that can be executed simultaneously.

      • a) Object-Oriented Programming
      • b) Functional Programming
      • c) Parallel Computing
      • d) Procedural Programming
      • Correct answer: Parallel Computing

      __________ is a branch of computer science that deals with the design and implementation of algorithms and data structures for processing large amounts of data.

      • a) Machine Learning
      • b) Network Security
      • c) Big Data
      • d) Software Development
      • Correct answer: Big Data

        MCQs about History of Computer with Answers

        Preparing for IT roles in the Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Air Force (PAF), and Pakistan Army requires a deep understanding of computer history, especially for positions like ICTO, IT Assistant, IT Officer, and Cyber Security Officer. Mastering multiple-choice questions (MCQs) related to the evolution of computers, key milestones, and influential figures in computing can significantly enhance your chances of success. These MCQs often cover topics such as the invention of the first computer, advancements in programming languages, and the development of operating systems.

        By focusing on these areas, candidates can not only improve their knowledge but also boost their exam readiness and performance. Utilizing targeted study materials, including practice MCQs and quizzes on computer history, can provide a strategic advantage and ensure thorough preparation for these competitive IT roles in the armed forces.

        History of Computer MCQ (Part-5)

        __________ is a widely used programming language for web development, known for its simplicity and readability.

        • a) Java
        • b) Python
        • c) C++
        • d) PHP
        • Correct answer: Python

        __________ is a programming language used to create interactive and dynamic web content.

        • a) Ruby
        • b) Perl
        • c) JavaScript
        • d) Swift
        • Correct answer: JavaScript

        __________ is a programming model that allows developers to build and deploy applications across platforms and operating systems.

        • a) Object-Oriented Programming
        • b) Functional Programming
        • c) Cross-Platform Development
        • d) Procedural Programming
        • Correct answer: Cross-Platform Development

        __________ is a computer graphics technique that creates images or animations by simulating the behavior of light in a virtual environment.

        • a) Rasterization
        • b) Ray Tracing
        • c) Shading
        • d) Rendering
        • Correct answer: Ray Tracing

        __________ is a computer model that uses interconnected devices and sensors to collect and exchange data over the Internet.

        • a) Cloud Computing
        • b) Internet of Things (IoT)
        • c) Grid Computing
        • d) Edge Computing
        • Correct answer: Internet of Things (IoT)

        __________ is a form of biometric authentication that uses unique physical or behavioral characteristics, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, to confirm identity.

        • a) Password Authentication
        • b) Two-Factor Authentication
        • c) Biometric Authentication
        • d) Token Authentication
        • Correct answer: Biometric Authentication

        __________ is a computing model that involves accessing virtualized computing resources such as servers and storage over the Internet.

        • a) Cloud Computing
        • b) Grid Computing
        • c) Virtualization
        • d) Edge Computing
        • Correct answer: Virtualization

        __________ is a machine learning technique that involves algorithms using large amounts of data to make predictions or decisions without explicit programming.

        • a) Supervised Learning
        • b) Unsupervised Learning
        • c) Reinforcement Learning
        • d) Deep Learning
        • Correct answer: Deep Learning

        __________ is a cryptographic technique that allows parties to communicate and exchange information securely over an insecure channel.

        • a) Symmetric Encryption
        • b) Hashing
        • c) Public Key Encryption
        • d) Steganography
        • Correct answer: Public Key Encryption

        __________ is a technology that enables secure and unauthorized recording of transactions in a decentralized and transparent manner.

        • a) Database
        • b) Blockchain
        • c) Cloud Storage
        • d) RAID
        • Correct answer: Blockchain

        __________ is a field of research that focuses on the development of computer systems that understand and produce human language.

        • a) Computer Vision
        • b) Robotics
        • c) Natural Language Processing (NLP)
        • d) Cybersecurity
        • Correct answer: Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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